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TGS Sidequest – Dining At The Capcom Bar

by Kimberley Wallace on Sep 24, 2017 at 08:14 AM

A few years ago, my colleague Ben Reeves dined at the Cap Bar, located in Shinjuku. As a big fan of many of Capcom's series from Resident Evil to Ace Attorney, I was immediately jealous. This year, I had the opportunity to go and didn't let it pass me by, ordering Capcom-themed food items from Ace Attorney, Devil May Cry, and Resident Evil. The entire space is decorated with all things Capcom, from figures to autographed memorabilia. In case you were wondering, the menu has changed a bit since Reeves went a few years, as you will see below. Sadly, no skits were performed with any of my meals. This is something that was previously done at the bar to great delight, but it's unclear whether it's been completely abandoned or not. Anyway, without further ado, here are some pictures from my trek.

Let's start with the menus, so you can see the tough choices I had before me. 


Mega Man, known as Rock Man in Japan, has his share of delights, but Cut Man immediately caught my eye. His dish contains cheesy potatoes.

This is what happens once you start to dive in and eat him. Poor Cut Man. I am a monster.

I didn't order anything from the Street Fighter section, but that donut drink was quite tempting.

Lots of series keep have fancy drinks to order. I like how Monster Hunter keeps it simple with basic beer.

The Sengoku Basara series never caught on in North America, but it remains popular in Japan. The same can be found at the Cap Bar's food menu. A table of girls next to us ordered nothing but stuff from Sengoku Basara.

HOLD IT! It's impossible not to stop on the Ace Attorney page. I love how Godot's selection is just coffee.

I like adorable things, so I ordered Mitamaru pancakes. 

Next up is the Devil May Cry edition of the menu...

My pick? Welcome to the gun show! (It's a cream puff and pudding).

So the Resident Evil menu has been updated to include that gross meal you're served at the start of RE7...

I was too big of a chicken to try the RE7 meal, and instead ordered a refreshing herb drink. Needed to restore some health! You actually pour all three test tubes into the drink to make it complete. It's pretty sugary.

The wonderful people at the restaurant heard it was our first time when the reservation was set up and gave us this delicious honey toast to welcome us to Japan. People are so nice here. I love it.

Turn to page two to see pictures of the atmosphere...

Edgeworth and Phoenix Wright guard the bar tap with all their adorableness.


A look at some of the other meal selections. Would you get a brain?

Capcom Funko Pops are taking over!


Phoenix Wright has his own Figma, which is on full display.

There's plenty for Monster Hunter fans. Need to get those buffs before you venture into life.

Some pretty cool artwork hangs above the bar.

Plushies are also all around you as you dine, so you always have company.

A pillow in case you have food coma.

For more on the Cap Bar, you can visit the official site here.