pax west 2017

Rend Looks Like A Promising Fantasy Survival Bash

by Daniel Tack on Sep 02, 2017 at 06:37 PM

Frostkeep Studios' upcoming fantasy-survival pseudo-MMORPG PC title Rend gives players the chance to side up with a faction and then take on two opposing factions in games that take around a month to complete. At PAX West 2017, I had a chance to check out how Rend stands out from the rest of the survival pack.

While faction wars are hardly an original concept, Rend throws a wrench in things by having inevitable doom hanging over the heads of all three factions - a demonic force that continually grows stronger and stronger lays siege to all of the faction bases, pitting players against powerful AI forces in addition to the rival factions.  The last team surviving wins the game, which could take days, weeks, or even months depending on what happens.

During this time, you're leveling up a player character, creating bases, tracking down crafting materials and taking on monsters, and of course, attempting to disrupt the other factions from doing these same activities through hearty PvP. While your focus is ensuring that your main team base stays up (it can only be attacked during special times when the demons lay siege), creating and protecting your own personal base and various outposts is also a big part of the title. Players also skirmish with each other in an attempt to gain powerful artifacts and relics that can give their team an edge in battling the ever-growing demonic assaults.

When one team wins by being the last faction standing, the game is over - and a new one begins! While you may lose a lot from your character when the "world is reset", there's meta-progression that carries over from character to character, so you'll be gaining some customization, new classes, or some interesting new ability choices as you play game to game.

When Rend goes into closed beta later this year, I'm interested in checking out this new take on the survival genre.