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Replay - Turok (2008)

by Kyle Hilliard on Aug 18, 2017 at 08:00 PM

This week on Replay, we take a look at Turok, though it might not be the one you remember.

Most think of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter for the Nintendo 64 when they hear the name Turok. In 2008, however, developer Propaganda Games and publisher Touchstone Games (which is affiliated with Disney Interactive Studios, strangely) tried to reboot the series with a game clearly inspired Aliens that throws in some dinosaurs and recognizable voice actors for good measure.

Andrew Reiner, the voice of Leo Vader, and I are joined this week by someone you don't hear too often. Creative director Jeff Akervik (last seen/heard here) joins us for a look at, hopefully, not the last time a developer tries to make a Turok game. For part two, we do one of my favorite things, which is to go in with zero expectations and discover a bizarre gem.

It's worth noting that there were some gameplay audio recording issues with these games, so if you're not hearing all the sound effects, that's why. Apologies!