Blog Herding – The Best Blogs Of The Community (August 17, 2017)

by Game Informer Editorial on Aug 17, 2017 at 11:04 AM

Blog Herding was on hiatus last week, so we're returning with a Megasaurus Rex edition. Come see what the community has been writing about!

Community Blogs For August 3 – August 16:

10 Underrated Games
StarterPack begins this article with Titanfall 2, which seemed pretty popular to me. From there, I can agree with most of the picks (Origins: Wolverine was great), but I am guessing this will prove to be a divisive list. One thing I do agree with wholeheartedly? How underrated the Condemned series was. If only we could have gotten a third game and a finale to the crazy story.

How Important is Voice Acting?
I'm torn on voice acting. Whereas Haley Shipley is okay without it, I kind of like having it, although I did like Zelda's mix of some voices and some text. Breath of the Wild had voice acting that I enjoyed, but it really needed to get a better actor for Zelda. What are your thoughts?

Where Will Video Games Go Next?
When talking about great games and where gaming goes next, Mada Midun cites the heavyweights of storytelling: The Last of Us, Uncharted, and even the crazy-awesome experiment that was P.T. Narrative-driven games and new experiences bolstered by VR could lead to some interesting gaming experiences soon.

Gather Round for a LEGENDARY Tale
Brendon Curzio's tale about getting Zapdos – my favorite of the trio of awesome birds – has me super jealous. And it made me nervous. I know the feeling of trying to capture a raid boss after defeating it, and I can't imagine what it's like to take down a legendary and try to capture it, only to watch it wiggle its way out of a Pokeball!

The Immense Importance of Sonic Mania
The amount of hype and excitement for Sonic Mania has not been lost on DD1216. It seems like the Blue Blur finally has a hit game again, and DD writes about why that is so important for the franchise and fans. And I forgot all about Sonic Forces until this blog, which is another feather Mania can put in its hat.

Why Level Editors And Custom Content Are Important To Games
This is a long read by McNutty891, but it's a good one if you're into designing your own levels and such. I'm a fan, but I am awful at making my own levels. But some of these games sound like they really provide some cool ways to create your own experiences.

Gaming Moments That Broke Me
Writergirl2394 had to go ahead and pull out the opening scene of The Last of Us and get me all misty eyed, so that was great. Aside from that, this is a blog about good video game writing and development moments that really did a great job of, well, breaking gamers.

Community Reviews:

Tacoma Review: A Glimpse of Life Within the Silence of Space
Refle is quite fond of Tacoma. I didn't realize at first that it was developed by the Gone Home team, so that's already a good sign. Refle writes that Tacoma "manages to create its own set of interesting characters that carry the interests of the player throughout the journey." Sounds good to me.

My Journey To the "Best" Video Game Store In NYC
I'll possibly be going to New York City this year, so this was a nice read from Boo. It's just too bad that the video game store didn't sound very impressive in terms of staff, but it does sound like a goldmine when it comes to classic games. I might have to check it out.

Writing Challenge Responses:

Give a Game a Chance
John Wrek is wiling to trade a series for either another L.A. Noire style game, or another Lost Odyssey. Both of those games were great, and Lost Odyssey was really just a surprise on the 360. And you know what he'd sacrifice? Pokémon. I'm not sure I could do it, but I respect the bravery.

Writing Challenge:

With Sonic Mania fever hitting, what does the Blue Blur mean to you? I was obsessed with his games, comics, shampoo, and everything else. I still buy some of the bad games Sega puts out. He was as much a part of my childhood as Mario. What is Sonic and co. to you?

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