Photo Gallery Of The Surprisingly Large Sonic Mania Collector's Edition

by Brian Shea on Aug 11, 2017 at 03:44 PM

Sonic Mania is set to hit on Tuesday, and while we can't quite give our impressions on the game, we received a collector's edition ahead of the game's launch. We busted it open to take a look at the items held within.

In addition to a code for the game, the Sonic Mania collector's edition also features a massive statue of Sonic standing on a full-size Genesis replica, as well as a card with some key art and a replica of a Sonic Mania Genesis cartridge.

You can see the statue and the other goodies included in the package below. Sonic Mania launches on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch on August 15. Earlier today, the PC version was delayed until August 29.

Size comparison: Funko Pop! Figure vs. Sonic Mania Collector's Edition Statue

*Photos by Margaret Andrews