The Coolest Pokémon Sun And Moon – Burning Shadows Cards We Pulled From Booster Packs

by Brian Shea on Aug 04, 2017 at 08:00 AM

The third Pokémon Trading Card Game expansion from the Sun and Moon games hits today and introduces a bevy new cards featuring classic monsters and new beasts spanning all seven generations. In addition to including more of the Guardian creatures from Sun and Moon, Burning Shadows also gives us new cards of fan favorites like Charizard and Ho-oh.

We were sent nearly 20 booster packs, as well as both decks from the expansion and the two trainer tins featuring Guardians Tapu Bulu and Tapu Koko. We pulled the ones that were either the coolest or most powerful from the packs we opened and featured them in the gallery you see below.

Scroll down to see our favorite cards we opened from the Sun & Moon – Burning Shadows expansion. For our favorite cards that we pulled from the base Sun & Moon expansion, head here. For the best from the Sun & Moon – Guardians Rising expansion, head here. For our gallery of our favorites from the retro-facing Generations and XY Evolutions expansions, head to this gallery.

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