Replay – James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire

by Andrew Reiner on Jun 16, 2017 at 08:00 PM

Want to see some sweet-ass explosions? How about a shark patrolling a submarine? Still not interested in watching? Perhaps hearing three guys hum the bond theme for 40 minutes will do it for you? This episode of Replay explores all of these wonderful things, and also dives deep into Electronic Arts' James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire, which originally released on November 13 2001 for PlayStation 2.

To much surprise for our dumb, little show, we actually make great progress in the game and are able to show off a variety of its gameplay variations, including two different driving sequences. In our second segment a beloved cartoon character has never looked worse. This is seriously one of the worst games we've ever played on Replay. You're going to love it.