Blog Herding – The Best Blogs Of The Community (June 8, 2017)

by Game Informer Editorial on Jun 07, 2017 at 12:26 PM

Just like with the return of Gohan to prominence in recent episodes of Dragonball Super, Blog Herding makes a return to form and then some. While I know that some of you have no idea what that last sentence means, let's just say we have a super awesome edition of Blog Herding this week, thanks to all of G.I.'s wonderful bloggers.

Community Blogs For May 26 – June 7:

What Makes Success?
StarterPack mulls over the reasons why a game is successful. It doesn't merely ponder why a certain game is a hit, but really looks at historical anecdotes about gaming in general and whether or not success can be gauged. Success, after all, means different things to different people.

On Fighting Game Character Variety
Qrow Rose looks at fighting game rosters and what makes them good. Often times it comes down to balance, and apparently Injustice 2 has caught some flak for including too many similar characters. I definitely agree on the point about Smash Bros. needing more variety. But at least it has improved.

Top 10 Soundtracks This Generation
I was worried about this list until I saw that Refle included Shoji Meguro's Persona 5 tunes on it. And it is quite brave to include Breath of the Wild since people seem to hate on the music, but it truly is nuanced, playing at just the right situations.

Is It Still Fun?
Brendon Curzio is correct: Nostalgia can be super bad. Here he goes through why some games work and some don't anymore. Of course Super Mario World will always feel perfect. What is interesting is that our blogger does not think a lot of realistic games from the PS1 and PS2 eras hold up as well. Some of that is down to art direction.

The Adventures Of A Gamer Teacher: Ensemble Cast
GerardoExber has been busy with life, but here we get to read about a gaming party he had with his students. It's basically a story about video games bringing people together and helping to form new friendships.

What Makes a Game Successful
Issacclarke322 gives us his thoughts to the sister blog above on the subject of video game success. This blog's take is a bit different, acknowledging that everyone enjoys different types of games, and also explaining what makes a game so much fun for someone.

Why I'm Anxious About Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman is blowing critics and viewers away, and Haley Shipley writes about why she likes this version of the hero. It's less a story about the character and more a trip through Haley's life looking at heroes that worked for her, and who inspired her. I enjoyed New 52 Wonder Woman and some other stories starring her, and I am stoked for what sounds like a strong, feminist hero in a movie that sounds amazing.

Why I Played Monster High: Thirteen Wishes
I don't have time to play games I like, so it is interesting to see Attackcobra play something that does not seem too fun. And you know what? This is a bad game. Cobra writes it best: "And as it turns out, Monster High: Thirteen Wishes is well deserving of the stigma of being a bad game."

Community Reviews:

Snake Pass Review – PC
I can't think of too many games where you control a snake, and according to Vichilino, Snake Pass should not be passed up. What has me intrigued is how the physics could go awry, leaving us with a fun situation for the poor snake.

Writing Challenge Responses:

CWC: The Enjoyable Deaths
StarterPack looks back at the silliest deaths he has faced in video games, including the dreaded self-destruct via your own grenade bouncing off a wall and back at you. The story about the Skyrim glitch throwing players hundreds of feet into the air is something that I would do on purpose. Heck, I used to shoot the lake water in Resident Evil 4 because I got a kick out of getting eaten by the lake monster. I found that out by accident and then proceeded to shoot the water for 20 minutes straight, much to the chagrin of my college dorm mate.

Writing Challenge:

Like Gohan, what game series has done a fantastic job of finding its identity, or is in desperate need of a revival? Following Tim Turi on Twitter has me seeing a lot about Sonic and Mega Man, which has me excited, but I still lament that we did not get Mega Man Legends 3. And someone needs to right the ship for Chibi Robo.

I hope you enjoy the blogs! Please contact me via my Game Informer page or on Twitter at @LouisGarcia12 with any blog news or playdate suggestions.