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Check Out The Awesome Flash Vs. Reverse Flash Fight From Injustice 2

by Andrew Reiner on May 16, 2017 at 02:11 PM

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I've lost track of just how many speedsters are in DC Comics' universe these days, but they're always good fun to watch in action, especially when they are battling each other. The newly released Injustice 2 offers one such battle, pitting The Flash against Reverse Flash. Yellow versus red. Ketchup against mustard. Punches are thrown, highways are turned into speedy battlegrounds, and we end the feud with a little time travel. Sit back and enjoy the clip. For those wondering, many of Injustice 2's story sequences are just as elaborate and action packed as this one.

My review praises the action and details exactly what you should expect from Injustice 2. We also ranked all of the over-the-top finishers for each character.