Celebrate Mother's Day With These Five Video Game Moms

by Jeff Cork on May 14, 2017 at 06:30 PM

It's Mother's Day, which means it's time to take your mom out for brunch, prepare her breakfast in bed, or rush over to the nearest gas station to buy her a last-minute greeting card/carnation combo. Moms aren't just a real-world phenomenon, though. Did you know that some video game characters have moms? It's (probably) true! I spent several dozen minutes compiling a list of video game moms, and you can read the result of all my hard work now.

Ness' Mom – Earthbound
Earthbound is memorable for several reason, perhaps most notably its real-world setting. Ignore the parts where you fight aliens and trees for a second; you're a kid who hangs out with other kids, rides a bike, and explores contemporary towns. And, importantly, you have parents. Ness' mom and dad don't die early on to create a sense of drama. While your adventure takes you far away from them, you can call home and see what they're up to. In fact, if you go too long without talking to your mom in the game, you can get a "homesick" status ailment that negatively affects you in battle. A quick phone call and pep talk from your mom gets rid of it, however. Thanks, mom!

Blanka's Mom – Street Fighter II
Blanka has been a fixture of Capcom's flagship fighting game since the early days, but there's a lot more to him than just a green monster who can fry enemies with his body's electric field until you can see their skeletons. If you beat Street Fighter II, you learn that his name is actually Jimmy, and that his mom lost him when their plane crashed over Brazil. She missed him so much that she travels to Shadaloo headquarters in Thailand to find him. She recognizes him by his anklet (!!!) which must have been enormously large on a baby. Or it was crafted like one of those expanding watchbands, the ones that constantly yank out the hairs on your wrists. So yeah. She seems nice.

Nora – Fallout 4
There's a certain amount of leeway in Fallout 4's story, so your mileage may vary with this one. If you choose to play as a female in Bethesda's RPG, you can explore the wastelands as a kick-ass mom. Pick the male option, and, well, she's still a mom. Without getting too far into spoiler territory, don't too attached to her...okay, fine. She dies almost immediately. But she's probably still very proud of you.

Ana – Overwatch
Overwatch's rocket-blasting hero Pharah didn't materialize out of thin air or a factory (LOOKING AT YOU, BASTION). She has a mom. It's the sniper/medic Ana, in fact. There's not a whole lot to add. Jeez, what were you expecting?

Your Mother – Various Online Shooters
Surprise! Your mom made the list! After spending time online, we have it on good authority that she has several unfavorable traits related to her body type, amorous nature, and place of birth. Some might even say that she's no good – but what do they know? After all, she gave birth to you, and you seem alright. Now stop spending Mother's Day online and go show her some appreciation already! Sheesh.