Street Fighter V Temporarily Pulling New DLC Offline To Remove Unintentional Religious References

by Kyle Hilliard on Apr 26, 2017 at 08:01 PM

Capcom announced today the emergency need to change the music of the Thailand Temple Hideout stage that was added to the game yesterday.

You can find the full statement from Capcom below, but the short version is that the Thailand Temple Hideout DLC stage's music contains unintentional religious references, so the stage is being pulled, edited, and then put back online.

It has come to our attention that part of the background music track used in the DLC Thailand Temple Hideout Stage, released on April 25, 2017, contains unintentional religious references. Capcom has therefore immediately ceased distribution of this DLC and, as a temporary measure, will be performing an emergency server maintenance update in the very near future to remove this track by replacing it with existing music from another stage. Details of the timing of this update will be provided via the @SFVServer Twitter account.

Users who have already downloaded this DLC will still be able to use it and, once the emergency maintenance update is complete, will have the replacement music as well.

An edited version of the Thailand Temple Hideout Stage background music will be released at a later date.

The Street Fighter V development and operations team, as well as all of us at Capcom, have nothing but the utmost respect for all faiths and religions around the world, and we would like to sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended by this content.

This means the new DLC will be temporarily unavailable for those who did not already purchase the game, but it will all go back online in the near future.

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Our Take
If I remember correctly, the original LittleBigPlanet encountered a similar issue right before it released forcing it to receive a short delay, and a day one patch – something that was more rare in 2008. Capcom is certainly doing the right thing here in its efforts to be respectful.