Key & Peele Have Nothing On The Madden Name Generator

by Matt Bertz on Apr 06, 2017 at 03:15 PM

Back in 2012, the Comedy Central show Key & Peele struck gold with a sketch comedy riffing on some of the zaniest names seen in the NFL and in college football. In an era where players have names like D'Brickashaw Ferguson and Ha Ha Clinton Dix, the comedy duo decided to create their own lineup of fake football names. The sketches went viral, with the three videos racking up nearly 70 million views on YouTube. If you haven't watched them yet, enjoy

I often think about these sketches when I'm perusing players to draft in EA Sports' Madden series, because its name generator sometimes feels like it's taking inspiration from Key & Peele. I'm not alone – when other Madden users find a hilarious name, they often share it on the Madden subreddit. Over the course of the past year, I've been collecting some of my favorites. A few are classics that appeared in Madden several years ago, but a lot of these were generated by Madden 17's naming algorithm. Check out our favorites:

The Tongue Twister

High School Must Have Been Rough

The Second String Second Coming

The Big Short

Always Trust A Man With Two Last Names

The Prototypical Drink And Dinner Order

The Revolutionary Narcissist

The Melon Man

Always Trust A Man With Two Last Names, Part Deux

The Best Kind Of Justice

Très Tasty

That's A Mouthful

Toddler Reading

On the next page we look at some happenstance names that should sound familiar.

The Dark Knight

Iron Mike, The Ear Eater

The Minister of Defense Reborn

Stone Cold

Lil' Spicy

The Commish Gets Banished