Science-Fiction Weekly – Your Take On Mass Effect Andromeda

by Andrew Reiner on Mar 28, 2017 at 11:12 AM

In the months leading up to 2017, I thought Resident Evil 7 would be the year's most polarizing game. Capcom's decision to redefine survival horror ended up paying off in the end; perhaps not in sales, but the collective takeaway was positive (for gamers and critics alike). As I was looking at the year ahead, I didn't think for a second that Mass Effect Andromeda would be the game to divide gamers. Some people view it as 2017's problem child; others are finding it to be every bit as enjoyable as the original trilogy.

My Twitter feed often looks like a conflicted mess, filled with videos showing how beautiful or broken Andromeda can be. I, like many of you, saw just how much it can be like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I don't think it's much of a stretch to say we can all agree the game is little rough around the edges, but does that lack of polish hurt the overall experience? That's the question that hangs like a storm cloud over this experience.

I gave you my final verdict on Andromeda in last week's column, and your response to it was somewhat shocking. Again, people were almost equally split on whether they should play it or not based on what I said.

I thought we would be done talking about Andromeda until the forthcoming DLC hit, but it's still the big talker in games. I can't escape it. The thoughts you've shared on social media and in our comments sections paint a vivid picture of this RPG, and clearly shows us what people value in games. Why not share that collectively?

I reached out to my Twitter followers to sum up their time in Andromeda in 140 characters. Below is the rundown of many of the thoughts that were shared. I think it's a fascinating breakdown of the game, showing both the highs and lows. That dummy Chris Kluwe (a washed up football player) also shared his feedback. Feel free to join the discussion in the comments section below.

I hope you got something out of all of these different perspectives on Mass Effect Andromeda. I know the Raiden comment is meant as a jab, but I thought he kicked all sorts of ass in Metal Gear Solid 2. That's another hot topic from yesteryear that you can freely revisit in the comments section below. Have a good week, everyone. I'll see you again in seven days!