Beware Destiny’s New Treasure Of Ages

by Matt Miller on Mar 28, 2017 at 10:52 AM

With Destiny: Age of Triumph launching today, we wanted to investigate what players can expect out of the new treasure boxes. We opened 30 of the new treasure boxes to give you a sense of what drop rate you can expect if you invest in the microtransactions. 

I’ve never been a big fan of Destiny’s slow introduction of microtransactions, particularly once the game began to include armor in the mix. Age of Triumph has a more generous approach to how many treasure boxes you can earn than some previous updates, allowing players to acquire three Treasure of Ages boxes naturally through in-game activities, including the heroic strike playlist, weekly crucible playlist, and new weekly story playlist. Beyond that, if you want to obtain additional boxes, you will need to pay real money. 

As I discovered, the drop rate for new items out of these boxes is painfully low.

In theory, Treasure of Ages can contain existing Eververse items, but you can also get new shaders, weapon ornaments, ships, and triumph armor sets. In practice, after opening 30 boxes, most of the content you can expect is emotes, consumables, and armor pieces from previous Eververse boxes.

If you’re contemplating dropping some cash on the boxes, we’ve compiled our experience based on the anecdotal evidence of 30 Treasure of Ages boxes. The number isn’t enough for any true statistical breakdown, but I think that it offers ample evidence that players should go in with their eyes open about what they might get. 

We opened all the boxes on a Warlock, so acquired armor pieces reflect that – it’s safe to assume that a Titan or Hunter would see a similar drop rate for their own armor sets. In addition, it’s worth noting that players may have a different experience depending on items they already own, as the Treasure of Ages suggests it is “highly likely to contain an item not currently owned.” In my case, I hadn’t played very much of last year’s Festival of the Lost event; as a result, you’ll see that my boxes contained a large number of items from that event, as my account didn't already have a lot of that content. 

To get 30 boxes, it cost approximately $48. That price varies by user, as you obtain more silver (the currency you obtain for spending real money) and more Treasure of Ages boxes when buying in bulk. 

The results speak for themselves, if you scroll lower on this page. After 30 opened boxes, I only saw two new Age of Triumph armor pieces (gauntlets and leg armor), along with a scattering of other new goodies, like a Necrochasm ornament and a new ship. I also have plenty of new Silver Dust, which can be used to acquire a variety of ornaments, sparrows, shaders, and other items through the Silver Dust store.

Here are the drops we saw over the course of 30 box openings:


Box 1: Traveler Mask (FotL Mask), Bad Dream (FotL consumable) 3 Silver Dust

Box 2: Deviled Ghost (FotL Ghost skin), Days of Iron Ornament, 3 Silver Dust,

Box 3: Devourer of Moons (Necrochasm Ornament), Order Theory ship, Days of Iron Ornament, 2 Silver Dust

Box 4: Last Warmind ornament (Khvostov ornament), 2 Silver Dust

Box 5: Crest of Velocity (SRL emblem), 1 Red Chroma,  3 Silver Dust

Box 6: Swing (blue emote), Whim of Rahool (FotL consumable), 2 Silver Dust

Box 7: Gloves of Triumph (Age of Triumph Warlock gauntlets), EV-43 Lightrunner (Sparrow), House of Judgment Reputation Booster (5), 3 Silver Dust

Box 8: Ghast (shader), Stroke of Midnight (FotL respawn changer), 2 silver dust

Box 9: Crystalline Boots (The Dawning leg armor), Felwinter Souvenir (The Dawning consumable), Snow Dreg (Dawning Consumable), 4 Silver Dust, 

Box 10: Tiny Dance (purple emote), Felwinter Souvenir, 3 Silver Dust

Box 11: Settled Score (Touch of Malice ornament), Ghost Ghost (FotL Ghost Skin), Snow Dreg, (The Dawning consumable), 2 Silver Dust 

Box 12: Desolate Veil (Warlock helmet from Spring Update 2016), Bad Dream (FotL consumable), 2 Silver Dust

Box 13: EV-45 Bitfire (Sparrow), Snow Dreg, 3 Silver Dust

Box 14: Speaker Mask (FotL mask), Bad Dream (FotL consumable), 4 Silver Dust

Box 15: Moonglow (Hawkmoon ornament), Stroke of Midnight (FotL consumable), 2 Silver Dust

Box 16: The Blast of War (Shader), Alert Horn (Sparrow Horn), Felwinter Souvenir (The Dawning consumable), 2 Silver Dust

Box 17: Blessing of Momentum (SRL Emblem), Sleepless Gaze (FotL consumable), 2 Silver Dust

Box 18: Cryptarch Mask (FotL mask), Crawl of Creeps (FotL consumable), 2 Silver Dust

Box 19: Atheon Mask (FotL Mask), Crawl of Creeps (FotL Consumable), 3 Silver Dust

Box 20: Rose of Corruption (Thorn ornament), Basilisk’s Glory (Suros Regime ornament), Crawl of Creeps (FotL consumable), 2 Silver Dust

Box 21: S-35 Jealousy (Sparrow), Jackolyte (FotL Consumable), 3 Silver Dust

Box 22: Toe Tap (blue emote), Crawl of Creeps (FotL Consumable), 3 Silver Dust

Box 23: Thumbs Down (blue emote), Whim of Rahool (consumable), 2 Silver Dust

Box 24: Chronoshot (Vex Mythoclast ornament), Martius Momentum (SRL emblem), Whim of Rahool, 3 Silver Dust

Box 25: Rude Taunt (blue emote), Chromatic Jackolyte (consumable), 2 Silver Dust

Box 26: Air Guitar (purple emote), Days of Iron ornament, 3 Silver Dust

Box 27: Mix It Up (blue emote), Snow Dreg, 3 Silver Dust 

Box 28: Jump Shot (blue emote), Magenta Chroma, 2 Silver Dust,

Box 29: Steps of Triumph (Age of Triumph Warlock leg armor), Addendum (Last Word ornament), Jackolyte, 3 Silver Dust

Box 30: Silver Bullet (Nemesis Star ornament), Jackolyte (FotL consumable), 3 Silver Dust