Review Roundup: Before They Were On Switch

by Ben Reeves on Mar 02, 2017 at 11:00 AM

Nintendo’s launch lineup is a little thin, but it is padded out with several notable games that you might have missed when they originally released on other consoles. If you’re looking for something to play between breaks from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, check out some of the rereleases hitting the Switch tomorrow. We rounded up our old reviews for each game.

I Am Setsuna
Original release: July 19, 2016
GI's score on PS4: 7.5
Excerpt: "I Am Setsuna has lots of nods to Chrono Trigger, from its general combat framework to specific references to skills like X-Strike and Luminaire. However, it doesn’t capture why most players connected to that seminal title. Even though the combat is entertaining, I Am Setsuna’s characters are dull, the environments are repetitive, and the story is predictable. I would like to see more games inspired by the golden era of 16-bit RPGs, but you can’t recapture the spirit of innovation and experimentation that pervaded those titles through mimicry alone." (Full Review)

Little Inferno
Original release: November 18, 2012
GI's score on Wii U: 8.5
Excerpt: "Little Inferno is unlike any game I’ve played. It has a big heart that blends perfectly with its dark tones and simple gameplay scope. Days removed from playing it, I’m still thinking about it. I’m recommending it to my friends who love Braid, Unfinished Swan, and Journey. I’m telling my coworkers it’s one of the nicest surprises of the year. It’s one of those games that breaks free from standard video game conventions. Play it, discuss it, and enjoy it. I sure did." (Full Review)

Shovel Knight
Original release: June 26, 2014
GI's score on PC: 8.75
Excerpt: "It looks like a simple, straightforward trip down memory lane, but I was surprised by the subtle, emotional story Yacht Club Games delivered. After some boss fights, Shovel Knight rests and dreams of his lost partner, Shield Knight. In his dreams she falls from the sky as he fights waves of enemies in an attempt to catch her. These recurring segments are capped off with a satisfying and memorable payoff that raises the experience 
to a new level." (Full Review)

Skylanders: Imaginators
Original release: October 16, 2016
GI's score on Xbox One: 7
Excerpt: "As much as I enjoyed playing as my own created character, the collector in me felt like something was missing. Part of what makes Skylanders great is the action figure element. A tube containing a glowing rock isn’t nearly as cool as a beautifully sculpted monster. The charm of seeing that character come to life is partially lost. Even with players receiving a wealth of rewards, Skylanders Imaginators feels somewhat uninspired. Kaos is off of his game, and Spyro and his cohorts aren’t needed as much. Where this series goes from here is anyone’s guess, but I hope Activision takes a more calculated risk in shaking the formula up. Giving players creative control isn’t enough of a spark to make this experience shine." (Full Review)

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