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Replay – Condemned: Criminal Origins

by Andrew Reiner on Feb 03, 2017 at 02:00 PM

Your first thought is likely "That's a beautiful, green eyeball." Your next thought is probably "Is she wearing a chain around her face to hide a hideously disfigured nose?" If we're reading your mind as well as we think we are, your third thought is "Wait. Is this a horror game? Goodness gracious, that is scary!" We've played Condemned: Criminal Origins to completion, and can confidently say all of your thoughts are spot on.

Condemned is a first-person survival horror game for Xbox 360 that mixes crime scene investigations with disturbing hunts for serial killers. Shadows dance, footsteps echo over head, and you may even see a dead bird or two as you try to piece crimes together. In this week's Replay we play through the first two levels of this Xbox 360 launch title by Monolith. The team's previous work on delivering scares in the F.E.A.R. series pays off handsomely in Condemned. The game gets under your skin and scares you when you least expect it.

In our second segment we travel back to the Sega Genesis for a look at a game few people have seen. There's good reason why this relic has been lost to history.

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