Replay – Rygar: The Legendary Adventure

by Jeff Cork on Jan 20, 2017 at 02:00 PM

Rygar: The Legendary Adventure revisited the arcade and NES classic (?), bringing the hybrid shield/blade weapon known as the Diskarmor to the PlayStation 2. And, as we soon learned, piles and piles of caterpillars also made the transition. Join Andrew Reiner, Kyle Hilliard, and me as we swing our brains out in a search for the elusive 5 hit combo.

Its visual presentation may be predictably stale, but Kyle was won over by Rygar: The Legendary Adventure's Diskarmor action. It's a good thing, because he ended up having to play through a significant amount of the game twice. ProTip: Save your games. Don't worry, we were completely supportive of Kyle's failings.

After that, we take a look at another old game and get completely lost. Thanks, Kyle!

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