You Know You Play Too Much Overwatch When...

by Kimberley Wallace on Jan 02, 2017 at 10:33 AM

Can't stop playing Overwatch? I'm right there with you. The game dominated my spare time this year, with me often playing until the wee morning hours, all in the name of the next loot box or to extend my reign of terror in competitive play. In many ways, Overwatch has given me "one more match" syndrome in the way Civilization begs you to play "one more turn." Overwatch has been such a fun experience that I keep coming back to it, but I figured I could also have some fun with my latest gaming obsession. Therefore, I put together this list to let you know when you've passed a certain threshold, going beyond just someone who enjoys the game and into a fanatic that can't let go. So without further ado, you know you play too much Overwatch when...

You've prestiged more than three times and have an annoying, overcrowded portrait to show for it. Sadly, you know it's only going to get worse.

You've pulled countless all-nighters in the name of getting your competitive rank up. 

You go into extreme panic if your competitive rank drops below what you started the season with.

You've thought up a ton of ideas for skins for Blizzard's holiday events. Look. Holidays are ripe for the picking, and even if Blizzard won't do them all it's fun to imagine our favorite characters donning attire to celebrate them. After all, we have Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Groundhog Day...

Speaking of which, you're still mad that Solider 76 - AKA Dad - didn't get an ugly Christmas sweater skin.

This also means there are probably a few characters you "ship," such as PharMercy, McBoop, and Meihem.

You've spent more money on loot boxes than you'd ever admit to friends and family.

...meaning you probably have every cosmetic for your favorite characters. 

Your computer is full of Overwatch fan art and memes. Hey, the payload jokes just write themselves!

You go home on your lunch break to get in a few matches.

Basically, you've stopped playing other games because it cuts into your chances to get another loot box and/or raise your rank. 

You go into a little panic whenever the clock strikes noon.

You've watched the pro scene and try to integrate their strategies into your competitive play because you're that serious about "getting good."

Team composition can affect your current mood. You also analyze and obsess over this more than you should. 

Your social life now consists of yelling at people to get on the payload and alerting them you have your ultimate. 

Speaking of which, you've had nightmares about a frightening beast called "Overtime" and not reaching the objective in time to defeat it.

You don't know where some of the most important documents on your computer are, but you know exactly where each recorded Play of the Game is. 

When the doctor asks you what's wrong, all you can muster is "I need healing."

You've started to live by the words of Zenyatta, impacting his wisdom on your family and friends. Remember, "True self is without form" and "Adversity is an opportunity for change."

When someone pisses you off, you hear D.Va's "Nerf This!" in your head and imagine throwing an explosive mech at them as they try to run away for dear life. 

You've used being on a win streak as justification to keep playing match after match. Then when you lose, you say, "I'm not ending my night on a loss." 

You don't even care that you're writing an article for work admitting all of these embarrassing things because it's OVERWATCH.