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19 Amazing Photos Prompto Took During My Final Fantasy XV Journey

by Andrew Reiner on Dec 26, 2016 at 06:03 AM

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Final Fantasy XV is a story of friendship, and a hell of a game to boot. I have vivid memories of the time I spent in the world of Eos, and grew to appreciate the characters so much that I claimed they were Square's best ensemble yet in a Final Fantasy game. Noctis, Ignis, Gladiolus, and Prompto all have different stories to tell, and each of them grow as the game unfolds. The bond between them also strengthens as time passes, turning the game's final moments into an emotional roller coaster.

One of Prompto's hobbies is an integral part of the experience. He is a budding photographer, and has taken it upon himself to chronicle the journey through snapshots. Developer Square Enix brilliantly turned these photographs into an interactive element of the game. Whenever the four friends retire for the night, Promoto presents the photos he took over the course of that day. The player has no control over the actual snapping of photos, and instead determines which shots should be saved into an album.

Whether you've played Final Fantasy XV or not, I thought you might get a kick out of seeing the photos Prompto took during my journey. As you'll soon see, he has an eye for action, an eye for camaraderie, and, well, an eye for just about everything. He's a photojournalist in the making. I think you'll get a good sense of just how much these characters grew as you scroll through the images.

A Slow Start
Our car ran out of gas on the first day on the road. How embarrassing!  We pushed that hunk of junk for miles and eventually reached a gas station. Prompto took this photo of Noctis taking a breather.

On the Road Again!
We wasted no time getting back out there. Prompto snapped this awesome photo of the crystal. You can see it directly ahead. It's behind the light pole. No no, not over there. More to the right. In front of the big cloud clump.

So Much Fun!
We knew this journey was going to be special from the moment we hopped into the car. Here's a great shot of Ignis and Gladiolus having the time of their lives!

A Beautiful World
I can't state just how scenic Eos is. Here's a nice snapshot of the landscape.

Unforgettable Faces
We met so many interesting people along the way, including Jim. Or was it Hank? Ted? It's hard to tell from this shot, but he was an interesting blonde person. Well dressed too!

Our First Battle!
We didn't have much chemistry in this fight against a pack of five Voretooths, but we fought our hearts out, and came out on top! Noctis showed off his new powers, and wow! We were impressed!

Here's the same fight from a better angle. You can almost taste the intensity, can't you?

We Fed a Cat
We took a break from our quest to soak in the beauty of a beach, and found a hungry cat on a dock. Noctis caught a fish for it, and a nice lady at a restaurant cooked it up. The cat loved it! As you can see, Noctis was quietly pleased with himself. He wouldn't stop smiling.

The Fifth Party Member
On our way to the city, we stopped at a small farm to help someone in need. One thing led to another, and before we knew it, we all had chocobos. Prompto captured the exact moment that Noctis and his chocobo bonded.

This shot is of a...uh...battle? Something epic is likely happening behind this bush.

Okay, what the f---, Prompto? You were supposed to capture the key moments of our lives in these photos. This is another shot of a tree or shrub or something.

Seriously, dude. Were you even trying? This is the only shot you have of the Behemoth battle? We fought that thing for like 30 minutes. This bush isn't even in focus!

Oh Bloody Hell
I wanted to show you a shot of the Titan, you know, that character that is as tall as Trump Tower, and Prompto focused on the fire instead.

Finally a Somewhat Clear Shot
We took on some nasty critters during our adventure, and Prompto managed to frame up a couple of them. Kind of. You can clearly see this beast has like a billion snake heads.

If you combine the above image with this one, you can almost make out what this creature looks like.

About to Make History
The fate of the world is about to be determined deep within an enemy stronghold, and here's a picture of a door, or a gear, or holy hell, Prompto, we can't even tell anymore.

A Foot AND a Hand
When Prompto wasn't snapping blurry close-ups of rocks and shrubbery, he may have framed up a character's foot or hand in a battle sequence. This shot has BOTH of them. A rare piece indeed.

The Keepsake Shot
I actually saw Prompto look into the lens before running over to take this photo with his friends. He clearly had no idea how to use a camera, and had we known this from the outset, we wouldn't have taken him along with us. He's an annoying little s---, and he barely contributes on the battlefield. No one said it, but we hated hearing him sing the Final Fantasy theme after battles. Get bent, Prompto. Thanks for nothing.


If you are about to leave an angry comment pertaining to how this article misrepresents Prompto's photography skills, please do so. This is a joke piece that highlights the bad photos that Prompto took on my journey. He took hundreds of great shots too, but showing them here just would have made Prompto look talented, and well, I would rather not do that. This is an attempt at a humor piece. If you neglected to read this fine print, your angst only makes my piece funnier. So thank you for that. Comment away. Give in to your hate for stupid crap on the internet.