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Question Of The Month: Share Your Best Joke Based On A Video Game

by Jeff Marchiafava on Dec 24, 2016 at 08:00 AM

In issue 284, we asked readers to amuse us with their best video game-related joke. The results were unanimously awful. Now it's your turn step up to the mic and make your fellow readers laugh. Don't worry, the bar is real low.

How low, you ask? Well, three separate readers wrote in with the following gem about Mario's pants:

Question: What material are Mario's overalls made out of?

Answer: Denim-denim-denim.

The level 1-2 music meme doesn't translate especially well to print, but that didn't stop Sam Shellhammer, Balta Bueno, and Bob Stoute from submitting it. Meanwhile, Stone Kruger submitted this diamond in the rough (emphasis on the rough):

Question: Why does the Titan need an optometrist?

Answer: Because Titans can't Blink.

I'm told Destiny fans will get that joke – whether it makes them laugh is less clear. And finally, Marcos E. Mendez wrote in with this Zelda-themed zinger:

Question: What did Zelda tell Link when he couldn't open the door?

Answer: "TRI-FORCE!"

And those were the best jokes, ladies and gentlemen. So now it's your turn: Make us laugh with your best video game-themed joke in the comments below. Knock-knock jokes, puns, funny-sounding character names – anything is acceptable as long as it's better than the Mario pants joke.

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