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How To Survive In Let It Die

by Daniel Tack on Dec 23, 2016 at 11:00 AM

Let It Die has been attracting curious players since its surprise release, and I've played quite a bit over the course of our review and beyond. If you're just getting started, while there's an adequate tutorial that spans hours and hours of little messages stuck to balloons, here are some serious tips to help you survive and succeed in the Tower of Barbs.

The firework launcher may seem like a joke weapon at first, as its damage is low and good luck using it in a real fight when you're being jumped with hammers and machetes. However, the real value in keeping one around is so you can cook food on the go when you're in the dungeon, even beasts that may be dangerous to approach like poison snails. Instead of having to smack around scorpions or eat uncooked frogs, keep a launcher around and use it to bake your meals at long range.

Your starting level cap for fighters is level 25, and you only have access to the weak All-Rounder template. To unlock new classes of fighters and new grades of fighters (so you can level past 25) you need to climb the tower. Many of the game's unlocks are tied to whatever the highest floor you've been to, so always be looking to progress.

Upgrading your waiting room is essential to success, upgrading your gold cap and letting you store more fighters. You can only begin doing this once you've unlocked the Tokyo Death Metro, which enables PVP options. After you've unlocked the service and gone through the tutorial quest, you can begin researching upgrades.

You may begin to find the grind getting tedious as you progress, having to hit up certain floors for food and various supplies. Having a stocked fridge of fighters can really help here, and getting your fighter roster count upgraded should be one of your first priorities. You can send your inactive fighters out on expeditions into other player's games, and these trips will yield valuable resources, consumables, and supplies at no cost to you.

In the middle of the waiting room is your teleport back to the arcade, where you can pick up and turn in quests, as well as change the waiting room music.

At the beginning of the game you're probably going to be dying a lot. Resist the temptation to use the free Death Metals to make life easier, and use these currency items to upgrade your storage space. You're going to need a lot of storage space in order to effectively keep crafting materials to make your weapons big powerhouses as you climb the tower.

Even as you do die frequently early in the game, you're still probably making some critical progression. Things like weapon mastery stick around, and many other aspects of the game happen at the account level, such as developing your vendor to craft powerful items that can make your climb much, much easier.

While many floors of the tower are static, some rooms change from day to day and offer side adventures to the pure climb. These out of the way rooms often located away from the central climb offer rare crafting materials and a special secret vendor that often has powerful recipes.

Decals can make all the difference. For instance, there's a decal that allows poison to heal your character instead of hurt it. With this decal, you can keep your character healthy and topped off at all times just by carrying around a poison snail, dropping to to place the "buff" on your character and picking it up again, your own portable healing facility.

Golden beasts are great for restoring health, but their primary use is to offer a huge amount of experience points. When you're rolling new fighters, have them eat or smash a golden beast for a wealth of instant experience.

A beast you'll start encountering frequently on floors 11-20 is the pillbug. You're going to want to actually slay these much of the time instead of eating them outright, as they offer a special mushroom buff that will keep you alive when you're about to die. They can be difficult to kill as they roll up into their shell, but stomp on them once or twice and then use the "hammer punch" (r1 with fists after unlocked with mastery) in order to kill them efficiently.

Enemy "Haters" are often the most dangerous adversary on any floor. They tend to spawn in the same places, so you will learn where over time. With this knowledge, you can sneak up on them and execute a takedown with a crouching stealth attack before they ever have a chance to attack you. If you must engage a Hater on even terms, try to rope up some other standard enemies into the fray, then take down the Hater while they are occupied with the enemy units.