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Mobile Games For Holiday Travel

by Daniel Tack on Dec 22, 2016 at 06:02 AM

Whether you're headed home to visit family and friends or gearing up to tackle a giant gaming backlog, talking politics with Grandma Giddygrinner or just hanging out, the holidays are a great time to try out some games on your phone. Here are a few of my picks for some games to take out for a spin when you're not making snowmen or eating frosting.


With the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion recently released, there are some spiffy new strategies available, perfect for new or returning players.You can summon bigger and bigger Jade Golems, mix up magical potions, create massive minions in your hand, or try out some of the easy to pilot, fast to finish Pirate decks (Yarrrr!). Hearthstone is a great pick for some fireside play with a giant glass of eggnog.


If you like Hearthstone but are in the mood for something slightly different that still has a lot of the familiar mechanics, now may be a great time to try out Shadowverse. With some interesting classes to explore and an anime art, it's a neat option to explore if you find Hearthstone getting stale.

Pokémon Go

While it may be too cold outside for you to enjoy hunting down Pikachus in Santa Hats, it's a great opportunity to go searching for Pokémon in places you're not normally roaming. Maybe your family's house is a secret Pokémon nest. Maybe you do a few extra laps around the mall when you're returning Uncle Jerry's fascinating pet rock gift. Don't run around searching on frozen lakes and rivers, but do check out everything from local strip malls to Costco.

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore

Strategy games on mobile are often Clash of Clans or Game of War clones, but this different sci-fi strategy title takes things spacey and lets you engage with space pirates, fly ships, get new weapons, and take on big bosses. It's a cool game to take a look at if you're tired of cycling through variants of "clash, war, champion, battle, guardians, heroes" and looking at screaming face icons on the App Store.

Clash Royale

Clash Royale has had some significant updates in the last few weeks, including a new clan chest that gives bonus rewards for playing with your guild and cheaper prices for epic cards across the board. The unique amalgamation of RTS, CCG, and MOBA-esque tower-pushing is compelling, and will give you some holiday fun when you take a break from pulling sheets of cookies out of the oven.

Tap Titans 2

It's back, and with a just-launched sequel to the classic tapper, you can get ready to tap all day while you ignore your relatives and bake cherry pies.