Replay – Eggs of Steel

by Andrew Reiner on Dec 16, 2016 at 02:00 PM

We all have a friend named Frank that we talk to from time to time, and we all like eggs, right? We hope you are on board with both of these topics, because we focus on them intently for roughly an hour in this week's Replay episode. Eggs of Steel is a strange, little game that was released exclusively on PlayStation 1 in 1998. We can guarantee you've seen nothing like it before, and it will be well worth your time (especially if you love garbage).

We give it a good look before shifting gears to a similar game that Dan Tack says he logged over 100 hours into. The talk during this segment is particularly interesting, as it takes us back to Tack's childhood. We hope you enjoy this week's show, and would love to see you back here in seven days for another episode! Stay warm.

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