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Exclusive Prey Screen Gallery

by Ben Reeves on Dec 12, 2016 at 08:00 AM

Arkane Studios new sci-fi first-person shooter looks to take players to an alien-infested space station called Talos I and set them loose with a wide variety of physics-defying powers. We've already given you a look into the game's development with an interview with team, provided a deep dive into the new Typhon alien menace, and even looked a some of the things we still don't know about the game. But pictures are worth a thousand words, so here are a few exclusive Prey screens along with some details you might have missed.

Click on each image to expand their size.

Players awake aboard a huge space station called Talos I, which is owned by a mega corporation called TranStar. The company reopened the space station in the hopes of farming the mysterious aliens known as Typhons for their genetic abilities. The facility is roughly the size of the Empire State Building, and outfitted with all the luxuries money can buy.

Things have gone terribly wrong aboard Talos I. A new species of aliens called the Typhon have overrun the space station and killed nearly everyone on board. “You’re trying to figure out how did I end up here, why was I in this experiment, what’s going on, what are these aliens actually trying to do?" says says lead designer Ricardo Bare. "While you’re doing that, you’re ultimately trying to figure out how to stay alive and escape while at the same time using your wits to survive, scrounging for weapons and tools and gadgets, and possibly also using the alien powers themselves.”

Throughout the game, players will run across recycle machines, and they'll be able to transfer everything in their inventory that’s junk to them automatically. These recycle machines produce a variety of different building resources. "Lots of games have crafting systems," says Bare. "The thing we wanted to do with ours was to make it as physical as possible instead of making it abstract, so that you’re actually watching the thing get made, you’re popping those little cubes into the slots and then selecting things from a screen, but it’s in-world as opposed to a 3D abstracted menu. It just makes it feel different and makes it feel grounded and real."

The Gloo Gun is a defensive weapon, and the scientists on Talos I have used this tool like riot foam to subdue aliens and freeze them in place. Players might find alternative uses for the Gloo Gun, however, For example, we saw glue used to plug holes in gas pipes or creating piles foam alongside walls to create a makeshift staircase.

Recycle charges are little grenade-like devices that function like mobile recyclers. They are a good example of something that’s not a weapon initially. The device is technically a prototype that was created by an engineer on Talos I, but players will be able to create more once they find the blueprints. "They have recycle machines, where you come in and drop your inventory and you can turn your old items into some ingredients," says creative director and president of Arkane Studios Raphael Colantonio. "On board, some engineer invented a portable version of that. It’s this device where if you want to empty a room, you drop it, exit, and it compacts everything and it falls into recycling ingredients. It’s also very, very damaging, so in our case we use it as a weapon, but its primary function is not as a weapon."

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