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Blog Herding – The Best Blogs Of The Community (December 8, 2016)

by Game Informer Editorial on Dec 07, 2016 at 04:55 AM

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This week's Blog Herding is full of Community Writing Challenge responses! Final Fantasy is quite popular, I guess.

Community Blogs For December 1 – December 7:

5 Games I'm Incredibly Excited For
When it comes to gaming, there's always something new to look forward to. For John Wrek, these are the gaming experiences he's most excited for. And my goodness it's a great list of games.

Can Assassin's Creed Break the Video Game Adaptation Curse?
Whirz writes about a video game movie possibly finally coming good. Maybe it will be different this time. I honestly don't care; video games aren't movies. But still, it would be nice to have a video game movie.

The Last of Us: Beginning at the End
This World Begins begins by telling us about why a sequel is a bad idea, before jumping into the new game's trailer. To be honest, I don't want a sequel. If it is awesome, then sure. But if the developer fails? Uff da.

Writing Challenge Responses:

Community Writing Challenge: My Shaky History With Final Fantasy
When you talk about personal experiences with Final Fantasy, TheFoolArcana argues that you can't talk about its effect on the entire gaming landscape. This blog is a great little piece on what Final Fantasy has gone through, what it means to our writer, and what XV can do for the series.

CWC: Finally On the Road
I could not read the entire blog from nightcrawlerash13 – because XV spoilers – but from what I can surmise, it's a good look at the new game. Chances are, if you're on the fence, you should read this blog – unless you're like me and can't handle spoilers.

CWC: The Game I Never Finished (Redux) – The Game I've Finally Beaten: Final Fantasy VII
It's hard to believe that GerardoExber just beat Final Fantasy VII (and even harder to believe that so much time has passed since his last blog), but here we are. I'm just glad he beat it and writes, "For its story, I never forget what Final Fantasy VII made me feel." Me either, Gerardo (sheds tear for Aerith.... And basically every party member).

CWC: Getting lost in Final Fantasy, literally and figuratively.
Brendon Curzio is not afraid to admit why he hasn't completed that many Final Fantasy games: He gets lost a lot. Our blogger needs more structure; he needs to be guided to the next point. Or else he will never complete the game.

CWC: My Bizarre History with Final Fantasy
When it comes to Final Fantasy, Attckcobra has a sordid history with the franchise. But not everyone can be a FF nut, and it's interesting to hear about someone who has a history with the franchise that is...different.

CWC: When I Got My SNES
StarterPack is an old-school gamer, writing about some Super NES Final Fantasy shenanigans. It's a nice, personal story about Final Fantasy and him.

Community Writing Challenge:

What will be written upon your favorite character's gravestone? Write me a eulogy, or the gravestone inscription for your favorite character or characters. Super Mario? Mushrooms and turtles did him in. Kirby? All-day eating challenged be damned! Get creative, BH crew!

I hope you enjoy the blogs! Please contact me via my Game Informer page or on Twitter at @LouisGarcia12 with any blog news or playdate suggestions.