Kyle's Favorite New Pokémon Of Sun & Moon

by Kyle Hilliard on Nov 24, 2016 at 11:00 AM

Like all Pokémon games, Sun & Moon includes a plethora of new creatures alongside the classics (spoiler: Pikachu can be caught in Alola). Some, however, stood above the rest for me. A few were revealed in the marketing lead-up to the game, but some were only revealed once the games hit players' hands. Here are 12 of my favorite.

This list is presented in alphabetical order. Feel free to tell me how I am wrong in the comments, though I would prefer a list of your favorite new Pokémon in Sun & Moon.

Crabominable is the evolved form of Crabrawler, who was shown off pre-release. I like Crabominable because he is not what I expected the boxing crab to turn into. He's basically an abonimable snowcrab, which is unexpected, and ultimately very cool.

I'm a sucker for Pokémon based on inanimate objects. As the reviewer of Pokémon X & Y, I was lucky to find Klefki in the wild before it had been revealed, and it's one of my favorites.

It's an anchor and one of those old-timey boat steering wheels covered in seaweed. It's super weird.

There's really one reason I like Drampa, and it's because he reminds me of Falcor from The Neverending Story. It's too bad he can't be your fast-travel buddy.

Golisopod looks bit like a mech that you should be able to crawl into and control. He rides that line of cool and creepy, while remaining imposing.

As you go through Alola's Trials, you will run into Hakamo-o. You must fight all three of its forms (Jangmo-o, Hakamo-o, Kommo-o) to complete a Trial. His second form is my favorite, which is a rare for a second evolution. the middle is usually the boring forgettable one.

It's final form, seen above, is just too busy. It looks like it's covered in coasters.

Komala is adorable, and one of the first Pokémon I went out of my way to obtain. I wish it was one of the starter options and evolved into a giant koala sleeping on an armchair or something. This list is in alphabetical order, but Komala probably would be number one if I had ordered the list.

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Lurantis is a weirdo, and became an important part of my team as it was the only one I had that could learn False Swipe for a large chunk of the game. It's wearing striped pants, which is super weird and stylish.

Mudbray was at the forefront of Sun & Moon's marketing, and for good reason – it's a cute little donkey that needs to be part of your team. I don't care much for its evolution, but as a Li'l Sebastian that I can take anywhere, it's perfect.

Funny story – I instantly added Oranguru to my team once I obtained him for two reasons. One was, I loved his look. The other was I desperately wanted to see his evolution, as it appears as though he has one according to his Pokédex entry. Turns out that slot next to him actually belongs to Passiman. Oranguru is exclusive to Moon, Passiman is exclusive to Sun. By the time I realized, he was already pretty high-level, so  I kept him around. I currently have co-workers playing Sun on the hunt for Passiman, with an extra Oranguru available for trade when they are ready.

The starters in Sun & Moon are pretty weak, overall. I went with Litten because I like cats, but was disappointed in each evolution, from a visual perspective. Rowlet's evolutions are equally disappointing. I may  not have thought much of Popplio when it was first revealed, but in the end I think it has the best final form between the three.

Another adorable Pokémon I wanted to include on my personal list. I just like its look, and especially appreciate the small touches...

...like the tag on its butt. Its evolution, Bewear, however, is a waste of my time.

Vikavolt is about the only evolved bug Pokémon I have ever liked. In general, I really dislike the bug-type Pokémon, but Vikavolt's angular design and big mandible is pretty cool.

The Ultra Beast Pokémon, who can be acquired after seeing the game's credits, are just sort of weird-o creatures with designs that intentionally place them outside of not only Alola, but the grander Pokémon dimension. Most just inspired a reaction of, "I don't understand what you are," but I instantly liked Xurkitree. It's a collection of electrical wires bundled up with zipties, presumably. Not only is he weird in an interesting way, but I am pretty sure I have a Xurkitree behind my TV.

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