Blog Herding – The Best Blogs Of The Community (November 3, 2016)

by Game Informer Editorial on Nov 03, 2016 at 07:38 AM

You all blogged a lot this week, which means we've got a lot of great content to check out. Get reading!

Community Blogs For October 27 – November 2:

Nintendoomed V: Switch Off
RezidentHazard (Skeptical Inquirer) is not impressed by the Nintendo Switch, and he writes a long blog highlighting all the reasons why. While I'm not convinced either way, I still believe Nintendo's console will do what the past four did: provide a platform for great Nintendo experiences, with little third-party support. But you never know!

Old School Gaming
GerardoExber is back again with a poem! Why don't more bloggers throw out haikus and poetry? Anyway, I'm on a huge "old school" kick right now with Shovel Knight.

10 Games that Actually Deserve to be Remastered
Remasters are always a tricky thing to handle, leaving fans in a love it or hate it mindset. Here widdowson91 (James) writes about 10 games that he thinks are worthy of a remaster, including old gems like Black, Burning Rangers, and surprisingly, Panzer Dragoon Saga. And side note, Wild Arms was remade for the PS2. But I'd take another one for the 3DS.  

15 Games That Deserve an HD Revival
Another blog, another list – but RezidentHazard deserved to have another blog featured after including the likes of Body Harvest and Super Mario RPG. Though to be fair, some of these games can be downloaded and played on HD TVs.

Writing Challenge Responses:

CWC: My Dangerous Pet Peeves About Games
StarterPack hits a homerun right off the start (kind of like the World Series-winning Cubs in game 7) with the inclusion of perverted developers. Like, I love art and allowing artists to express themselves however they want, but let's get some realistic armor on women in video games, please.

Marco Polo's Pet Peeves of Gaming: Community Challenge
Marco Polo focuses on the topic of games that take place in the future, giving us a blog about technology and how it is wasted.

Community Writing Challenge: Those Gaming Pet Peeves Of Mine
Don't give GerardoExber lame antagonists. He just doesn't like it. He's also no fan of poor pacing. Just like a good TV show or comic, poor pacing can kill an otherwise great experience.

Community Writing Challenge: Guilty of My Biggest Gaming Pet Peeve
When Haley Shipley writes about her pet peeve, she's honest enough to admit that she does the very same thing to others. Instead of it being a lame boss or terrible armor designs for women, Shipley admits that she can't stand backseat gaming – but has recently taken up the practice herself. And she's right that we don't need a real-life Navi while gaming.

Community Writing Challenge:

You all rocked this week's challenge, so I've got a similar challenge this week. Write about features in games that you absolutely love and want to see more of. Heck, write about popular features like quick-time events being your favorite game feature. I still have fond memories of Shenmue's quick-time event featuring a soccer ball. The blogging world is yours, so get writing!

Community Playdate:

Nothing this week.

I hope you enjoy the blogs! Please contact me via my Game Informer page or on Twitter at @LouisGarcia12 with any blog news or playdate suggestions.