South Park's Developers Share Their Favorite Superhero Comics And Movies

by Kyle Hilliard on Oct 28, 2016 at 09:00 AM

South Park: The Fractured But Whole is a mash-up of the South Park TV show and modern super heroes. A few days ago, we highlighted the team's favorite episodes of the show. Today, we're sharing their favorite super hero stuff.

Nicholas Bonardi – lead audio designer
“I have some embarrassing super hero soundtracks I like. I really, really, really like the soundtracks for the old Christopher Reeves Supermans. That was my favorite super hero movie growing up. Definitely like Batman Returns, the early Batmans, too. They are super Danny Elfmanned out, and you can only Elfman so hard, is what we’ve discovered.”

Scott Crisostomo – manager, game design
“Older Uncanny X-Men? I used to collect those. I have a lot of them. And for newer stuff, it would probably be the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.”

Paul Cross – director of design
“I wasn’t a big comic book guy. The one that jumps to mind is The Avengers, the first one. They actually managed to make something that was really bloody funny and was a tight script instead of just being a cheesy mess as things have been in the past.”

Jolie Menzel – narrative designer
“I like mainstream Marvel stuff. I am actually a comic book major. I have a BFA in sequential art. I studied American comics, silver age, golden age, and a lot of manga. I like Dragon Ball.”

Jason Schroeder – senior producer
“Movie universe-wise? I really like what they’re doing with Captain America right now. Historically I have always been a big Batman kid. The guy’s got his own cave and his own car and his own style of doing all this cool stuff. The modern games are just so bad-ass and really captured detective and his cool combat powers. My favorite toy was actually the Joker toy. He had a full purple suit with tails and everything. He was so cool and he had karate chop action, which the Joker never really had in any comic. But it was just a cool colorful action figure.”

Kenneth Strickland – senior game designer
“In comic form, I love the Doom Patrol stuff that Grant Morrison did in the 80s and 90s. And if it’s more modern  stuff, Captain America – not Civil War, but the one before it, Winter Soldier. I like Civil War, just not quite as much. I.t was like, ‘Oh! This is just like Winter Soldier!’ But you had to stuff in 15 other characters, because now it’s a big tent pole thing.' I like the quieter more closed off Winter Soldier.”

Lisette Titre-Montgomery – art manager

“I still love X-Men. I think it’s one of the strongest franchises. The comic and TV show are better than the movies, to be honest. The movies are strong, but I think the 90s X-Men cartoon was really hot. I’m actually into some of more procedurals. I really enjoyed Gotham, the last two seasons of that. I enjoy the whole genre, and whatever new comes out, I am always watching it.”