Blog Herding – The Best Blogs Of The Community (October 27, 2016)

by Game Informer Editorial on Oct 27, 2016 at 08:39 AM

Nintendo dominates blogs this week thanks to the announcement of the Switch, but there's plenty of gaming blog goodness for everyone. Read away!

Community Blogs For October 20 – October 26:

My Thoughts on the NX
For StarterPack, appearance is a huge part of what he likes in a console, and the Switch just does not have the looks. He also does not like the name, and is afraid it may be flimsy. Considering Nintendo made the original Gameboy Advance strong enough to run over in a small car or flush in a toilet, it's probably safe to say that this console will be sturdy. Plus, it will have all of the Nintendo exclusives. But we won't know how good it is until we have it in front of us.

Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch
When it comes to Rival_M's opinion of the Switch, he can't say enough about the marketing. (But come on, who plays video game sports after the superior real sport?) One of his highlights was the fact that you can take your home console games on the go, and that's a boon for anyone who travels as much as our blogger does. For people like me, I'm usually doing all the driving, so I'm not so sold on that aspect. Yet.

Ranking All of the Islands in Wind Waker
The fact that Haley Shipley spent five hours to do this is nuts – and I love it. I used to love chatting with friends about which islands had cool things to do or see in Wind Waker, and even bought a strategy guide to visit all of them. So you can imagine how awesome this list is for me. I thank you for your dedication/obsession, Haley!

Recording Gaming Through Pictures
GerardoExber combines Instagram with gaming, sort of. Now instead of doing it just on the social media platform he's doing the same for us, sharing some gaming pics in a visual diary of sorts. While I only show some people, I like to take shots of meaningful or cool gaming moments on my PS4.

Trying To Care About Nintendo Again  
I can relate with Brendon Curzio when it comes to waiting in line for a Wii. And though I loved mine the entire time I had it (Monster Hunter, Felynes), I can see why he left the Wii to move on to a PS3. But you know what? The Switch has Brendon pumped up like Luigi on a Super Mushroom. Well, at least to buy one. He's not sure about actually being excited to play it, because, let's be real, we need to see more on the games.

Writing Challenge Responses:

Community Writing Challenge: Trip Down Memory Lane
StarterPack leads his blog with Super Smash Bros., so you know you're in for some awesome local-multiplayer storytelling. But it's also very personal and shows how a video game and a good friend can turn your day around. And don't even get me going on TimeSplitters!

Community Writing Challenge: Memorable Multiplayer Games
GerardoExber gives us a pretty robust list of games that he's enjoyed with a friend or two over the years, and chances are it's similar to many a childhood. I can't even explain in words how fantastic it was to play local multiplayer or co-op games with friends growing up – or even with them now.

Community Reviews:

Dragon Quest Builders (PS Vita) Review
Enuo wasn't sure about this game. When he started playing it he found out that it is not only a lot of fun, but has Dragon Quest's soul. What really sets it apart, and our blogger explains without spoiling anything major, is the story and its connection to the first game in the series.

Community Writing Challenge:

Pet peeves of gaming culture or video games. I want to read about yours!

Community Playdate:

Nothing this week.

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