Replay – The Silver Case

by Suriel Vazquez on Oct 14, 2016 at 05:55 PM

On Replay, we usually take a look at games that were released years ago. This week, we're doing something a bit different: although The Silver Case was released in Japan in 1999, it's only now become available in English via a PC, HD remaster.

The Silver Case was the first game developed by Grasshopper Manufacture, the studio lead by eccentric and legendary game designer Suda Goichi. Like most of Suda's work, it's incredibly weird, both thematically and mechanically. You kind of have to meet it on its own terms and roll with some of its weirder aspects.

That's why Andrew Reiner, Kyle Hiliard, Jeff Cork, and I decided to do the exact opposite: laugh at all the dialogue and make up voices for all the characters in this visual novel. You can watch us do that in the video below.

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