Blog Herding – The Best Blogs Of The Community (October 13, 2016)

by Game Informer Staff on Oct 13, 2016 at 06:00 AM

Another week, another round of blogs. One game that seemed to shine this week is Virginia, which is pretty cool to see.

Community Blogs For October 6 – October 12:

I'm Too Dumb to Understand Virginia
Refle's headline is provocative, but he's being honest: Virginia is pretty nutso. If I've learned anything from reading this week's blogs, it's that this game is kind of...confusing, mysterious, and just a real head scratcher. This blog has more words than Virginia has game time, but it's a good piece to help you ponder just what happened.

A Round of Applause for Pokémon
When it comes to the Pocket Monsters, Haley Shipley says critters like Pikachu and Bulbasaur deserve their due. And she's not just writing about mobile game Pokémon Go – there's been a lot of Pokémon action this year, including some fantastic animated shorts.

Small Screen, Great Adventures
You don't need a fancy graphics card for the best gaming experience, writes GerardoExber. In his very first blog sentence he praises Castlevania for the Gameboy Advance, and that series is reason enough to relax on a couch, handheld plugged into the nearest outlet, with eight hours to kill.

The Best Games Period – Honorable Mention – Skies of Arcadia
I think Jack Gardner forgot to delete honorable mention from his title, but joking aside, Skies of Arcadia is fantastic and deserves recognition. It's easily one of my favorite games (airships and base customization and crew recruitment Suikoden-ish style for the win). Find out why Jack likes it so much. And for the record, I prefer the OG Dreamcast version though I own and have played both to completion...twice.   

Late To The Party
Being social can be hard, but Jolt the Cynic is getting better at it thanks to video games. I'm sure many people can relate to his story, and the fact that it uses Destiny to make his point is all the better. He's even shared his PSN tag if you'd like to join him in some Destiny.

Five Things I Absolutely Know About Virginia
Back to Virginia, we have Haley writing about what she thinks are all concrete events or things in the game. Okay, some of the things she knows are actually outside of the game, such as how to properly use lipstick. Like, how do you get that wrong? 0 out of 10 for believability, Virginia.

Virtual Reality – The Future of Gaming?
Jamiy128 wants to wax poetic about virtual reality. Like, is it even worth it? Spoiler alert: Our blogger is not really a fan of VR. But there is one thing I disagree with, and that's that the Virtual Boy was a failure. I will always remember the funky little console for allowing me to play tennis in all of its red-lined glory.

Community Writing Challenge:

What game screams fall to you? Is it a game where you farm? Is it a blockbuster that came out right after you went back to grade school? Or is it a sign that the summer drought is over? Blog at me.

Community Playdate:

I sound like a broken record, but I will be out of town making wedding plans. Wish me luck!

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