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Inside The Radical Reinvention Of South Park's Combat

by Ben Hanson on Oct 10, 2016 at 09:01 AM

All this month, multiple times a week, Game Informer is highlighting aspects South Park: The Fractured But Whole from Ubisoft San Francisco. With today's video, we're taking a deep dive into the new team's approach to RPG/Strategy combat. We sat down with senior gameplay designer Kenneth Strickland to understand how and why they're rebuilding the game's combat from the ground up. Leaving behind South Park: The Stick of Truth's Paper Mario-inspired system for a new world of approachable tactics is a challenging task, so we had a lot to discuss.

Watch the video below to learn what Matt Stone and Trey Parker wanted from the combat system this time around, and how they hope to win over both RPG-rookies and fans of tactics.

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