Blog Herding – The Best Blogs Of The Community (September 29, 2016)

by Game Informer Editorial on Sep 29, 2016 at 06:51 AM

We've got a blog on how odd it is that Mario is Usain Bolt fused with Lionel Messi, and enough variety in this week's other posts to rival the number of sports Mario has participated in.

Community Blogs For September 22 – September 28:

What's Gone Wrong In Game Development? Maybe Education.
For Marco Polo, games have been a little iffy lately. Not that they aren't good exactly, but suffer from basic process issues that keep them from being great. He has an idea as to why, and what could alleviate the problem.

A Clear Mind, A Better Gaming
GerardoExber is done with college finals, so it's time for some writing and gaming. I have to applaud him for celebrating by beating Circle of the Moon, a Castlevania game that kickstarted my obsession with the series on handhelds (before then I just didn't think my eyes could take the tiny pixels). Keep studying hard so that you may game even harder, Gerardo!

Why There Aren't More Superhero Games
Shipley once again writes about superheroes and video games, coming up with some ideas as to why they don't seem to work well together all of the time. Her biggest argument is that the games need more of the hooded heroes to share screen time with the secret identity.

My first-person shooter developer Dream Team
Sometimes bloggers just want to dream, and that's what StonedMagician has done by formulating a cast of video game makers that would craft the ultimate FPS game. Keep an eye on this post: Our blogger will add more entries as he expands upon his super project.

The Funniest Games Period....Okay Maybe Not
So maybe Conker meeting the great mighty poo isn't all that funny, but Refle is writing this blog as a joke in a bid to make you laugh. Feeling down? Give it a read. Think Spec Ops is actually a humorous game? Well..that's probably not okay.

Writing Challenge Responses:

Community Writing Challenge: Mario is the Greatest Athlete of all Time?
Mario may not seem to fit the mold of an athlete, but Haley Shipley is right: He's had quite the career as one. From soccer to racing, Mario has done it all. And it's a little odd. Like, super odd. But hey, the games are fun, so who am I to question Mario's athletic prowess? Plumber's got a mean bicycle kick.

Community Reviews:

Pankapu Episode 1 Review: Dreaming Of Bigger Things
It's hard to begin a series by releasing it in different chunks, but Marcus Stewart writes that Pankapu is off on the right foot, though an imperfect one. To be perfectly honest, he had me at dream warrior.

Community Writing Challenge:

Write a pitch for an article you'd like to write for a gaming publication, or just write a blog about a story or topic you'd love a gaming site to cover. Some of you want to write about games, so it might be fun to write a pitch. And it may be fun to see what kind of coverage the community craves.

Community Playdate:

Nothing this week.

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