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Announcing the Destiny: Rise Of Iron Cover Art Winners

by Matt Miller on Sep 02, 2016 at 09:37 AM

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When we began our month-long cover story blowout for Destiny: Rise of Iron, one of the earliest things we announced was our first-ever cover art contest. We weren’t sure whether people would be interested in the idea, but we wanted to find a way to directly involve the enthusiastic Destiny community in our coverage. In response, we’ve been blown away by both the enthusiasm of the community and the remarkable artists who submitted work.

The idea is simple; submit a piece of original art in the theme of this month’s cover game, and the development team at Bungie will select three winners. Those winners receive their very own art immortalized as a Game Informer cover image, which we’re printing, framing, and having signed by members of the team at Bungie. In addition, the three winners each get a copy of Rise of Iron on their preferred system, along with a collection of Destiny merch goodies.  

All of us at Game Informer were thrilled by the dozens of submissions we received, and in speaking with the Bungie team members who had the challenging job of whittling down to three winners, it’s clear that the developers were equally excited by what their fans had concocted. Submitted art appeared in any number of styles and forms, and served as a testament to the imagination of gamers and their interpretations of the Destiny universe. 

Below, we’re highlighting the names and art pieces of our three winners. If your piece was selected, you can expect an email shortly regarding your win, and your prize package (including your framed and signed poster) will arrive in the coming weeks. 

Here at Game Informer, we’ve also set aside several other submissions that caught our eye, and we couldn't help wanting to share more. We want the whole community to enjoy them, along with untouched versions of the three winners in the form they were originally sent. The second page of this article includes just some of our favorites. 

Thank you to everyone who submitted artwork, and to the rest of the Game Informer and Destiny communities for your enthusiasm. 

Winners are shown in alphabetical order. Scroll down to see them all and click on them for larger versions. Head over to page 2 to check out some of the other submissions we received. 


Winning Artist Name: Hernan Cerezo

Winning Artist Name: Brian Moncus

Winning Artist Name: Steven Rivera

Explore some of the other submissions we received in the media gallery on the second page of this article, and thank you again to all the talented artists who participated.

For more on Destiny: Rise of Iron, you can check out our completed hub of interviews, videos, articles, and more by clicking on the banner below. 

Next Page: Check out more than 30 of our favorite art submissions from the community.

We were amazed by the volume and variety of art we received for this contest. Here are some of our favorites as they were originally submitted, and the artists' names as they requested to be identified. 

Artist Name: Caleb Barefoot

Artist Name: Georgy Bayditskiy

Artist Name: Jon Bland

Artist Name: Ben Bliley and Ashton Gibson

Artist Name: Zachary Bradley

Artist Name: Joseth Broussard

Artist Name: Eric Burns

Artist Name: Hernan Cerezo

Artist Name: Tyler Coombes

Artist Name: Laurin Crozier

Artist Name: Evan diLeo

Artist Name: DrAssenov

Artist Name: Greg Givens

Artist Name: Scott M. Hallett

Artist Name: Hedgemony and Remy Auxillary

Artist Name: Brock Hofer

Artist Name: H0T cup of J0E

Artist Name: Alexander Xavier James

Artist Name: William C. Jones

Artist Name: Jordan Kunkel

Artist Name: Luke Maeser

Artist Name: Matt McDonald

Artist Name: Brandon Meier and Scott Garder

Artist Name: Ariana Miller

Artist Name: Brian Moncus

Artist Name: Brian Myro

Artist Name: Kyle Passeneau

Artist Name: Damon Pellican

Artist Name: Benjamin Ratterman

Artist Name: Shara Reardon

Artist Name: Steven Rivera

Artist Name: Sai & Yu

Artist Name: Zachary Satz

Artist Name: John S. Sirmon Jr.

Artist Name: Kyle Tuck

Artist Name: Mack Varnagatas


We'll see you on the battlefield, Guardians. Thanks for following along with our first cover art contest!