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A Spoiler-Filled Discussion Of Inside’s Awe-Inspiring Ending

by Kyle Hilliard on Aug 23, 2016 at 03:04 PM

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Inside is the newest game from Playdead, the makers of Limbo. Much like its predecessor, it's full of mystery, ambiguity, intrigue, and an ending that demands discussion and speculation.

Join myself, Matt Miller, and Ben Reeves as we discuss the game in detail, focusing on its themes, what the ending might mean, and how we felt about the full experience. The title says it all, but it never hurts to double up and warn that this video contains spoilers. We talk about, and show, the ending, but we do avoid discussing the game's alternate ending that results from discovering all the hidden lamps with the assumption that many are still working their way through that aspect of the game.

Inside is open to many different interpretations, so please, let us know how you felt about it, what you think may have happened in the game, and what you think it all means in the comments below.

For our review of Inside, head here. To see the game's alternate ending (a topic we do not cover in the video) and uncover all of its secrets, head here.