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10 Things You Could Use 60 Square Feet For Instead Of PlayStation VR

by Brian Shea on Jul 29, 2016 at 11:15 AM

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Earlier today, a Sony website revealed that the recommended amount of space for PlayStation VR is roughly 60 square feet. This caught many off-guard, as it amounts to just shy of 8 feet by 8 feet, the recommended space for the HTC Vive.

With this latest news shocking many, we decided to take a look at what else could fit in that 60-square-foot space that everyone has in their entertainment room (...right?). Check out our recommendations of what you could do with that space instead and offer your own ideas in the comments section below.

A Ball Pit
I think that anyone who has tried VR can agree that it's pretty cool, but you know what's even cooler? Ball pits. Imagine having your very own ball pit to frolic and play in without having to worry about what horrifying bacteria lies beneath the colorful canopy. When you're in your own private ball pit, nothing can go wrong. No study has ever proven that motion sickness is a common side effect when it comes to ball pits, so this idea really sounds better the more you think about it.

A Foosball Table
Everyone loves a foosball table. Nothing says "party" like coming in from grilling some burgers with your bros and hearing the eardrum-shattering clack of an overly aggressive foosball player spinning the bar way too fast. Foosball: for when you don't have quite enough space for ping-pong or billiards.

A Closet Full Of Music Game Instruments
You know you have some of these things stored away or lying around your home. Just think: You could use the recommended space of a PlayStation VR to store all of your guitars and drums from your Rock Band and Guitar Hero days. I bet you could even squeeze your Wii Fit Balance Board and your Kinect into that space as well.

A Smart Car (Plus Friend And Picnic Basket!)
Not only can you be environmentally and economically friendly with your 60 square feet, but you can also be socially friendly. The Smart Fortwo easily fits in 60 square feet, giving you enough space to bring a lucky friend and a delicious lunch that the two of you can enjoy outside.

Four Treadmills
People are always looking for ways to "gamify" fitness. Whether it's Dance Dance Revolution or the VirZoom VR bike controller, there are countless examples of video games trying to incorporate fitness. But what if the answer was right in front of you the whole time? Instead of putting a couch and coffee table in front of your TV, just throw a treadmill in there. A treadmill is about six feet long and only a few feet wide, so you could potentially line up four treadmills in front of your TV for some awesome "multiplayer" action.

1,080 Game Boy Micros
Haven't you ever wanted to line your floor with Game Boy Micros? Well if you buy 1,080 of them, that's about how many you could fill 60 square feet with. Who could resist the opportunity of having 1,080 copies of Advance Wars running at the same time?

Bowser From Super Mario 64
Bowser is a pretty big guy, and everyone remembers what he looked like during Mario's big 3D debut on Nintendo 64. It would probably be pretty awesome to have him in your room, right?

The Majority Of A Freight Elevator
You can't fit an entire standard-size freight elevator in 60 square feet, but if you have some flexibility, it looks like you're at a crossroads. Do you pick up a PlayStation VR and have a cutting-edge piece of technology at your disposal whenever you want, or do you solve all of your freight needs and implement a spacious and convenient method of getting from floor to floor? Thankfully, the PlayStation VR doesn't come out for a few months, so you have some time to think about it.

The Game Informer Editorial Interns
Why immerse yourself in a digital world of endless possibilities when you could have three hard-working college students there instead? AJ, Haley, and Blake would love to come occupy your 60 square feet of space. They will even talk to you, giving you unrivaled levels of interactivity.

An HTC Vive
The HTC Vive is a different virtual reality headset.