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Pro Tacktics – How Gyms Work In Pokémon Go

by Daniel Tack on Jul 12, 2016 at 10:00 AM

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If you've played Pokémon Go somewhere with a reasonable population, you've probably already seen a huge Snorlax or a giant Lapras towering on top of a local gym.

While taking down these enormous creatures might be an impossible task for your scrappy crew led by an intrepid Zubat, did you know you can actually team up with a few friends to pile on one of these giant opponents and take the gym down as a serious underdog? You and your friends (or even just a random person at the gym from the same team) can unite and take on enemies that would be impossible alone, then stack the gym up and reap the rewards.

Discover how to pull it off and more about the gym system in this short episode of Pro Tacktics!

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