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test chamber

Test Chamber – The First Minutes Of Street Fighter V's New Story Mode

by Brian Shea on Jul 05, 2016 at 11:12 AM

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With the release of the new cinematic story mode, A Shadow Falls, Street Fighter V finally has a big single-player mode to round out the online offerings. While you can read my impressions of my full playthrough here, I wanted to show off the first few sequences of the game in order to give you a feel of how the mode works.

Join Daniel Tack and me as we check out the first few fights and cutscenes in Street Fighter V's general story mode. We talk about how this new mode compares to the basic character story mode that was included with launch, and if we'd recommend you jumping in now that this story mode exists.

The new general story mode, A Shadow Falls, was implemented as a part of the June update that went live last week. It is a free title update, but you must also download the free story DLC in order to access it. Street Fighter V released in February of this year to middling reviews. To read about why it wasn't a true contender like several of its predecessors, you can head here.

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