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6 Xbox One Controller Designs To Troll Your Friends With

by Jeff Marchiafava on Jul 04, 2016 at 06:01 AM

This year during E3, Microsoft launched a new website that allows players to design their own Xbox One controllers, complete with unique color schemes and custom laser engraving. While countless gamers are undoubtedly using the app to create some awesome-looking controllers, I figured I'd take a different approach. Here are six awful Xbox One controller designs that you can use to troll your friends.

Note: The Xbox Design Lab does not save custom laser engravings to controller templates, so you will have to manually add them yourself if you decide to purchase one of these designs. But really, don't purchase them. 

Design #1: The Plain Jane
The Plain Jane is the clear choice for the professional troll – after all, what better way to negate the thoughtful gift of designing and giving your friend a customized controller than making it look like an exact copy of the normal Xbox One controller? Your best bud will be thrilled to know you shelled out nearly twice the price of a normal controller to tell them how boring they are – a message driven home by the "YOU ARE BORING" laser engraving. Stylish!

Design #2: The Casper
Another pseudo-protest design, the Casper forgoes the design lab's 8 million potential color combinations for no color whatsoever. Wringing every drop of personality from the controller makes it the perfect gift for the charisma-deprived and humorless friend – we're guessing the understated "boo" won't get a laugh. From them, anyway.

Design #3: Baby Blue
Take your competitive pal down a notch or two with the Awww-inducing Baby Blue, a bright bundle of joy delivered to your friend's doorstop courtesy of the neighborhood stork. Even if they can get over the sickeningly sweet color scheme, the proud "Mommy's Big Boy!" branding will ensure this gift stays in the closet during multiplayer get-togethers.

Design #4: The Cube
If you've got a friend who still refuses to admit how god-awful the GameCube controller was, The Cube is sure to jog their memory. If you're thinking this one actually looks pretty cool, you're not wrong – but that's where the "G.C. Boy 4 Life!" engraving comes in. Even the biggest GameCube apologist will have a tough time explaining that one.

Design #5: The Marge
Full disclosure: This design was a total accident – I was just trying to make the ugliest design I possibly could, and somehow it ended up looking like a Picasso portrait of Marge Simpson. The pink analogue sticks ensure that whatever feelings your friend harbors for the Simpson's grumbling mother figure, their gaming sessions with The Marge are going to be uncomfortable . Oh, Homie, indeed.

Design #6: The Clown Car
My second attempt at creating the ugliest color scheme possible ended up being my last – nothing is going to top this puke-rainbow of discordant colors. If you really want to troll your friend, forgo the "HOT GARBAGE" engraving and give them the Clown Car in earnest. Chances are they'll feel so sorry for your lack of taste that they'll start letting you win.