10 Things You May Have Missed In Inside

by Kyle Hilliard on Jul 04, 2016 at 05:00 AM

Playdead's Inside is a game that demands analysis the moment you finish it. I completed the game and published my review shortly before release, but in the following days, I have found myself continuing to play it, analyzing specific moments, and generally just trying to uncover every secret or detail I can. Below you will find some of my discoveries.

It's worth noting that page one of this feature is generally major spoiler-free, though it is still recommended you finish the game before diving in. Page two, however, is full of spoilers, so avoid that like the plague if you haven't completed Inside.

Early in the game, in the corn field, it is possible to find a secret darkroom room that houses one of the lamps necessary for unlocking Inside's alternate ending. There are pictures hanging from the ceiling, and if you wait in the room for awhile, one of the photos will develop. The GIF above shows a sped-up version of that wait. The picture is of a point later in the game, where you find a collection of the mindless creatures in a cage suspended over a gap between two buildings.

There are a number of references to Playdead's previous game, Limbo throughout Inside. The giant letters found early in the trip through the city are probably the most direct.

Along with both games featuring giant neon rooftop letters, an Achievement awarded for finding a secret near the letters in Inside is called Obscure Foundations, which you could extrapolate as a reference to the foundations Limbo set in place for Inside.

It is also worth noting that the boy's entrance into the city in Limbo is almost identical to the boy's in Inside. Both involve sliding down a rooftop and climbing up a drainpipe.

Maybe Inside and Limbo share a universe.

Throughout the game, you will find VHS tapes. I have no idea what it means. Maybe an indicator of the era Inside is meant to take place?

As you make your way through the facilities, you will notice ascending numbers seemingly assigned to each one.

At first I thought these numbers were just assigned to doors of the facilities, but then I noticed the fourth facility uses its number in multiple places.

This makes me think these numbers apply to each overall facility, as opposed to doors or floors and that they have been numbering their attempts to build... whatever it is they are trying to build.

It's possible to make a mess while everyone is distracted. It's a hilarious prank.

Page two of this feature offers more small details or secrets you may have missed, but at the expense of major spoilers related to the game's ending, so head to page two at your own risk.

Alongside the developing picture seen in this room, there is another tease for what's to come later in the game. If you look closely, you will see the blob from the end of the game.

Maybe your escapade is not the first time it got loose.

It's a small detail, but it's one I didn't notice until my second playthrough. The attachments that must be pulled off of the blob are the same as the helmets the boy uses throughout the game to control the mindless creatures.

Playing through the game a second time and knowing its ending, it looks like this display you crash through on your way out the facility as the blob may be teasing the game's final moments.

You'll notice the model is of a beach at the bottom of a wooded hill with a single powerful ray of sunlight focusing on the coast.

Another secret that was pointed out to me by a reader, Manikou, commenting on our video discussing Inside and its awe-inspiring ending, pointed out that you can in fact avoid the CEO (as we have been referring to him) by waiting in his office for a moment. He will eventually get out of the way and hide behind a plant so that you can barrel by.

Let us know what kinds of small details you have been able discover during your time with Inside in the comments below. For more on Inside you can read our review, a walkthrough for its secrets and alternate ending, a spoiler-filled discussion, and why the game is successful in its simplicity by following the links.