The 2016 Collection Of Terrible Video Game Shirts

by Andrew Reiner on Jul 02, 2016 at 06:01 AM

Having already assembled a list of over 50 shirts gamers should never wear, I've returned to the cesspit of the internet to track down the worst video game fashions of 2016. This new collection is smaller in number than the last year's, but I should point out that I had the displeasure of looking at a dozen-plus shirts that could not be printed due to just how profane they were. Phallic imagery is apparently a hot new look for gamers this year. Gross.

The new collection you'll soon see comes from legitimate retailers as well as sites that let people create their own designs. Keep in mind that these shirts are all readily available for purchase, and many are likely being worn by someone right now. If you just happen to be wearing one these shirts and are offended it's on this list, I offer you no apology, and recommend you find the darkest corner of the world to sit in until you put on a different shirt.

Enjoy the list, and again, feel free to praise some of the shirts in the comments section below.


(actual shirt isn't blurred out)