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Blog Herding – The Best Blogs Of The Community (June 30, 2016)

by Game Informer Editorial on Jun 30, 2016 at 06:31 AM

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What a crazy eclectic mix of blogs this week! From Call of Duty to Super Princess Peach (remember that one!?), we've got it all. Time to don your reading glasses, Blog Herding fans.

Community Blogs For June 23 – June 29:

The Girls of Summer: Super Princess Peach
Haley Shipley continues her new series of blogs, this time focusing on a game that...wait a minute. Peach uses here emotions as powers to traverse this side-scrolling game? Oh, boy. Wait. Shipley says it's not what you think at first glance. Find out why this game is more than Mario's bae crying.

How Revisiting Dishonored Gave Me An Even Greater Appreciation Of It
Refle takes us back in time to Dishonored, which is fitting after E3 exposed more of the sequel to us. It's a piece of reflection on not only the game, but how our blogger handled his sneaking and completion of goals. I'm sure everyone has their own unique story on how they completed the game, which makes it all the more exciting.

6 Exciting Things About Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Blogger airbornebovine is not done thinking about the awesome Zelda trailer from E3, so this blog is a way to express excitement at what we're getting. I really appreciate the reference to Wind Waker. Sure, it was divisive, but that scale and wonder afforded by the ocean was second to none at the time.

Call of Duty and the Importance of an Animation
Thomas Loughney continues his blogging spree by weaving us a tale about Call of Duty 2, otherwise known as one of "the craziest emotional roller coasters" our blogger has ever rode in. While that may be true if you've never visited Wisconsin Dells or Shakopee, Minn., what Thomas writes next totally convinces me that this marquee game really did change him. Don't let me spoil it, though. Give it a read.

Crash Revival! Don't Let Me Down!
Brendon Curzio is ready for the marsupial who was once Sony's unofficial mascot (remember when that was a thing?) to return to gaming. Nostalgia is a tricky mistress, and our blogger knows this, but he's remaining positive that this revival will be a win. And really, how fun was (SPOILER) Crash in the recent Uncharted? Just give me that with a fresh coat of paint and some new content.

Bad Games are Great Games Too
I'm not sure that Thomas Loughney's assertion that bad games are great games is technically true, but they certainly can be enjoyable. Some of the games he lists as underrated might seem like duds, but plenty of games that are reviewed as average or worse can be fun. I've certainly found my fair share of them. Enjoy you're five out of 10, playa. But seriously, Thomas – stay the hell away from Sonic Boom.

Why Call of Duty Doesn't Deserve the Hate
Drmuffin1080 does not understand the Call of Duty hate. Neither do I. Is it the next coming of Halo or Half-Life? No. Is it super-rewarding and bombastic in both single-player and online multiplayer mode? Absolutely. Read the blog. Absorb it. Let go of your hate and stay away from the dark side of the force. Call of Duty games are good and fun.

Community Reviews:

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst Critique
Everyone wanted a Mirror's Edge sequel, but General Mills44 is convinced that this is not the droid we are looking for. Or runner, or whatever. One of the biggest complaints is how the game isn't actually very open. What do you all think?

Community Writing Challenge:

It's summer time, which means it's a time of going outside and exploring. What gaming experiences have made you think of the outdoors, or even connected it to you in some way? As you'll read in the community playdate section, I had a Don't Starve moment with nature. On another note, the game Flower pushed me to grow a bunch of flowers in my apartment.

Community Playdate:

None this week! I'll be in the great Northwoods of Wisconsin with my fiancé's family – a no-gaming time. Side note: I had a Don't Starve moment while camping. Instead of a catcoon wandering around, a raccoon did its best to steal from our ice chest (also known as a cooler) and get in our tent three nights in a row. It certainly ruined my sleep and may have drained my sanity meter a little bit. Okay, maybe a lot, considering I made loud noises with a pudgy-pie maker as I ran after him along the river. Just to scare him, of course.    

I hope you enjoy the blogs! Please contact me via my Game Informer page or on Twitter at @LouisGarcia12 with any blog news or playdate suggestions.