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Our Biggest Unanswered Questions From E3

by Blake Hester on Jun 19, 2016 at 07:00 AM

This year we saw a lot of great things at E3, but a few left us wondering just what’s going on in these games. So, we compiled a list of the biggest questions we were left with after our long week of seeing new games.

When will the curtain be pulled back on Mass Effect Andromeda?
We expected to see a lot more of Andromeda this year. But, unfortunately for us, EA is still being cagey with what it’s revealing. We got brief glimpses of the game’s new worlds, animations, and even brief looks at gameplay, but we still hardly know anything about it. What are the details surrounding our new protagonist, and what is his or her mission? What’s the overall story of the game and what has brought us to the Andromeda galaxy? What kind of new aliens are we going to be meeting? We were hoping to have some answers this week at E3, but it appears we have to wait just a bit longer.

What’s going on with Destiny’s Rise of Iron expansion?
All throughout our time with the Iron Banner tournaments, we’ve seen the Iron Lords alluded to via their names attached to weapons. We do know the Iron Lords were ancient warriors who protected the Last City and fought in the Battle of Six Fronts. What we don’t know is just what happened to them. We were hoping after its recent reveal we’d get a bit more of a look at what’s going on at E3, but it looks like we’ll be waiting a bit longer before we get the whole scoop. 

Furthermore, what new game modes will we get to play in Destiny’s upcoming Rise of Iron expansion? Will we get new weapons, loot, or tech? Looks like Bungie isn’t ready to spill the beans yet.

What’s the state of the world in God Of War?
Sony Santa Monica is taking quite a different approach with the new God Of War, one that’s more grounded and family-focused. What we want to know, though, is how Kratos got to this new land alive and what the state of the world is.

By the end of God Of War III, all the gods of Olympus were dead, the world was in ruins, the power of Pandora’s Box was released upon the world, and we left Kratos seemingly bleeding to death from a self-inflicted sword wound. All signs point to his death and possibly the end of the world at large. Yet, at this E3 we see Kratos is alive and inhabiting some world.

So, how did we get from point A to point B? How is Kratos still alive? Did the world harness the power of Pandora’s box to rebuild? Is this new world, one with a Nordic twist, the same as the one from previous games? Who are his new son and wife? We’ll hopefully get some answers about this more grounded take on this previously over-the-top series in the near future.

What is Prey 2 about?
Our first look at the revamped Prey 2 started innocently enough, with protagonist Morgan waking up and starting his day, sipping coffee and hearing what appointments were on deck. But it quickly slipped to absurdity and we’d like to know why. Morgan seems to be caught in a Groundhog Day-like loop, where every day is the same, but with subtle changes. Until everything goes crazy and we get quick looks at monsters, guns, and what may be human experimentation on a space station. And it all happens in about a minute and a half.

We’d like to know what Prey 2 is all about. Why is Morgan stuck in this loop? Is he being experimented upon by an alien force? What’s going on at the end where’s he talking to himself via a mirror? What does he have to say that he won’t like to hear? Look like we’re going to have to be patient, as Arkane Austin plans to show off more at the next QuakeCon. 

What the hell is Death Stranding?
It’s safe to say we were taken by surprise seeing Hideo Kojima take the stage at the Sony Press Conference and announce his first game post-Konami, Death Stranding. But, the trailer left us with more questions than it did answers. Mainly, what the hell is going on? 

It’s easy to start speculating about the symbolism in the trailer, especially in the wake of his very public split from his former employer. In the trailer we see Norman Reedus, who is working with Kojima again after the cancelled PT, bound to a newborn baby by an umbilical cord. Does this represent Kojima’s new artistic freedom? Are those five figures symbolic of the five mainline Metal Gear Solid games? Is it a coincidence that when a whale swims ashore to its death it’s called “cetacean stranding?” Maybe, but probably not.

While the trailer is incredibly sublime and eye-catching, it begs the question: Just what will we be doing in this game? Development of the game is in its conceptual state, at best. We’re probably years from understanding just what’s going on with Reedus, his baby, the dead whales, and the five floating figures off in the distance. But, for now, it’s fun to speculate on just what Kojima is up to now that he’s ostensibly allowed to create freely.

Did E3 leave you with any questions? Let us know down below.