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The Five Creepiest Games Of E3

by Blake Hester on Jun 17, 2016 at 12:00 PM

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This year’s E3 had no shortage of unnerving, tense, and downright terrifying games. In honor of the surprise amount of scariness on display, we broke down the five spookiest games saw this year. 

Days Gone
Sony Bend’s new IP, Days Gone may not be the most overtly spooky game, but there’s something admittedly unnerving about the absurd amount of zombies – called “Freakers” – relentlessly chasing you while you desperately try to use the environments to your advantage and to their hindrance. It will be interesting to see if the hordes shown off in its E3 demo maintain their novelty, but for now, seeing literally hundreds of zombies pouring over themselves in an attempt to get to the flesh of one human is very unsettling.  

While this game hasn’t necessarily billed itself as a horror game, Vampyr does put players into the role of one of the most classic monsters, the vampire – but with twist. Players assume the role of a doctor-turned-vampire who must wrestle with his adherence to the Hippocratic Oath during a plague and satiating his newfound bloodlust. The dichotomy of which will have constant repercussions (this is a game by Life Is Strange developer Dontnod after all). The level of importance placed upon players’ choices of who lives and who dies will hopefully create a tension not soon forgotten.   

Friday The 13th
Coming from Kentucky-based developer Gun Media, this asymmetrical multiplayer game looks to be doing its source material, the Friday The 13th series, justice. There’s a real sense of tension watching camp counselors run from Jason, desperately trying to create diversions or find hiding spots. One scene in particular stands out from the recent gameplay reveal, showing a player hiding under a bed while Jason stalks around the room, before finally finding his prey and sinking a machete through both the bed and his body. This intensity will hopefully remain when we finally get a chance to play Friday The 13th and have our own opportunity to desperately run from the Killer of Camp Crystal Lake.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
The surprise reveal of Resident Evil 7 hit us like a ton of bricks. After the past few games put fans on different sides of the fence, focusing more on action than atmosphere, Resident Evil 7 looks more like a return to form for the original survival horror series. PlayStation gave fans a chance to check out the game in a short demo, putting them in a dilapidated house full of mystery and frights. It’ll be interesting to experience the game in full-first person for the first time, and even more exciting to see how often we nearly mess ourselves playing it in VR.

Outlast II
Outlast II is shaping up to be a terrifying experience, even causing one of our editors to scream in a bright, crowded E3 demo room. Full of twisted religious iconography, disturbing violent imagery, and murderous town-folk, Outlast II is extremely troubling, with something awful to look at around each of its many corners. Tapping into several different aspects of horror – psychological, poltergeist, torture, religious, and monster – it’ll be surprising to see a game surpass the game’s level of insanity this year.

What were your favorite creepy games from this year's E3? Let us know down below!