e3 2016

See Bethesda’s Full E3 2016 Showcase

by Matt Miller on Jun 13, 2016 at 09:05 AM

E3 got under way yesterday as some of the biggest third-party publishers began to show off what they have in store in the coming months. Some of the most exciting news came out of an evening event hosted by Bethesda, in which the studio showcased a wide array of game products and updates on the way to its fans.

Kyle Hilliard and I sat down to discuss the Bethesda showcase, including a pre-show conversation detailing rumors and hopes for the show, and an extensive post-show analysis of what we had just seen. If you missed the event, or you just want to watch select portions again, we’ve included the full stream below. You can see an extensive demo of the newly announced Quake Champions, learn about Bethesda’s forays into VR, gather details on the Skyrim remaster coming this fall, and watch an exhaustive (and amazing) demo of Dishonored 2., among several other announcements.