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e3 2016

From Nintendo NX To Star Citizen: Our E3 2016 Longshots

by Game Informer Editorial on Jun 08, 2016 at 11:40 AM

E3 always brings up the hopes of gamers, but some are more far-fetched than others. Or are they? As part of our ongoing pre-E3 series, we've collected some of our E3 longshots – those predictions that probably won't happen, but which are just within the realm of possibility.

The Nintendo NX Actually Shows Up (In Physical Form)

From the get-go, Nintendo has said that the upcoming NX system won't be at E3. Still, we expect there could be some games, information, or something regarding the NX at the show even if the console (or whatever it is) isn't actually there. But what if Nintendo surprises us all and pulls an NX out of its hat? Are we on to something or just on something?

A Playable Beyond Good & Evil 2 Is Revealed

Ubisoft and creator Michel Ancel have teased just enough of this long-in-development project that the game definitely exists and is being worked on, but the company is clearly in no rush to put it out. We could see it happening in a weird way in that we've been waiting for it so long, we've almost forgotten it was a thing.

Microsoft Announces A New Fable RPG

Not only has Lionhead not made a true Fable RPG since 2010, but the company itself isn't even around anymore. While some of its ex-developers have started a Kickstarter project, we've all been waiting since 2010 for another RPG in the series like the first three. Microsoft owns the property so it could have already turned around and handed it to one of its developers like it did with Gears of War after the end of its partnership with Epic, but which studio would that be?

Warcraft IV or Left 4 Dead 3 Announced

Fresh off the success of Overwatch, not to mention Hearthstone, the announcement of Warcraft IV would blow people's minds. It's been vaguely talked about by Blizzard, but given how the company likes to take its time with stuff, this is very much a longshot.

Speaking of which, there have been reports of Left 4 Dead 3 existing, but given that we're talking about Valve, it being announced at this year's E3 isn't a bet we want to take.

Half-Life 3

...Speaking of Valve.

Sony Reveals The Last Guardian Is "Out Now!"

The game will likely be at the show (it was last year), but somehow when it comes to The Last Guardian it seems natural to take whatever release date you have in mind and automatically add six months to a year to it.

Hideo Kojima And Guillermo Del Toro Declare They're Working On A P.T.-Inspired Project

This longshot combines two things that have a very low chance of happening: Hideo Kojima embarking on a project that would bring him back to the personal hell that must have been parting with Konami, and Guillermo Del Toro putting out a finished video game.

Riot Games Officially Announces League of Legends: Supremacy

A few years ago, a hacker got into Riot Games' president and co-founder Marc Merrill and used it to publish images from a supposedly completed League of Legends card game, League of Legends: Supremacy. There's also a trademark for that title, although it hasn't been officially announced. Could we see it finally? Sure, but if it's already finished (which is a rumor itself) and we haven't seen it so far, there's little to suggest that now's the time.

Star Citizen Gets a Release Date

Developer Cloud Imperium Games has said that the game, with its various components, will come out by the end of this year. However, this schedule from early 2015 is already off-track given that the first episode of the single-player campaign, Squadron 42, definitely isn't out as planned.

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