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Arkane Picks The Best Stunt Videos From Dishonored

by Ben Reeves on May 25, 2016 at 09:00 AM

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Arkane’s steampunk-inspired stealth/action adventure Dishonored gave players a wealth of tools with which to sneak through an environment while dismembering their opponents. Thankfully, Arkane’s fans rose to the challenge and produced several stunning displays of their combat mastery. We polled the Arkane staff for their personal favorite videos, which help prove the Dishonored is at least as entertaining to watch as it is to play.

Lead designer Dinga Bakaba’s favorite videos:
Many Ways of Deaths of Lady Boyle on Dishonored
“Favorite because it’s a showcase of twisted creativity with using our systems.”

Brutal Rampage 16 (Assassinating Havelock)
“Favorite because it’s both a performance video, clever bending of systems (using a chest attuned to the ark pylon to protect you? Amazing) but also a fun little story where he uses the context of the narration to give more impact to his actions.”

The maid is up to no good
“Favorite because even some of the bugs we shipped with were awesome.”

Game systems designer Jonathan Foudral's favorite video:
High Chaos: Assassinate Daud

Gameplay programmer Laurent Couvidou’s favorite video:
Not Once Has He Lost A Sword Fight

Lead U.I. designer Julien Mario’s favorite video:
Samuel L Jackson in Dishonored @ VGAs | “Say what again…”

Creative director Harvey Smith's favorite videos:
Other Places: Dunwall (Dishonored)
“The other guys have sent some of our favorite YouTuber gameplay videos, showcasing the amazing skills of players. For me, there will always be a place in my heart for the Dishonored episode of Andy Kelly's "Other Places." It's a contemplative video and captures the talent of our art team, but it also presents Dunwall as a real place. I'll probably remember this video in 20 years, when I'm old and thinking back on my time in video games.”

Art director Sebastien Mitton favorite video:
Dishonored Rap

Sound designer Thomas Mitton’s favorite video:
Super 6 Kill Combo Using all Powers


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