test chamber

Test Chamber – The Highs (And Lows) Of Doom's User-Made Snapmaps

by Jeff Cork on May 16, 2016 at 10:35 AM

User-created content has been a part of Doom since the original release, when enterprising PC users modded the game to include their favorite characters from movies and TV and tweaked the rules to create new styles of gameplay. Doom's latest incarnation incorporates that modding spirit through its in-game Snapmap functionality, which allows players to build their own maps, game variants, and more. Andrew Reiner and I took a look at Snapmap shortly after its launch, and we've returned from our journey – a little worse for wear.

As you can see in the Test Chamber below, people are using it to create weird one-off experiences, like recreating the giant piano keyboard from Big. Alternately, there are plenty of levels out there designed to help players game the system, either for trophies and achievements or for the in-game currency used to purchase cosmetics for characters. We played through a ton of these levels, and you can check out the highlights and lowlights.

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