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Watch Our Comprehensive, Five-Hour Analysis Of Final Fantasy VII

by Ben Hanson on May 10, 2016 at 12:00 PM

Back in January of this year, we announced our new plan to engage with the Game Informer community by playing through and discussing games in a format we called The GI Game Club. Each new discussion (incorporating a ton of community feedback) is posted in episodes of The Game Informer Show podcast, which you can subscribe to on iTunes or check out on YouTube. Over the course of a month or two, we played through all of the 1997 classic Final Fantasy VII and shared our thoughts and the community's input and questions along the way.

We've cut together all of the episodes and posted the full discussion of Final Fantasy VII below.

Our next GI Game Club session will kick off on The Game Informer Show on May 26th, where we'll talk about Uncharted 4 up through Chapter 10. Join along and send feedback and questions to We look forward to playing through a new game with everybody!