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Final Fantasy XV Concept Art Reveals Deeper Design Decisions

by Kimberley Wallace on Apr 26, 2016 at 09:00 AM

Pictured above: Lestallum concept art when the team thought it needed to look "enhanced."

The Final Fantasy series is known for its breathtaking visuals, and the team puts a lot of thought into its art. The concept art is no different, with fans often framing it or making it the background on their phones and computers. The gorgeous concept art often provides insight into a design's beginnings and learning more about it can often give you insight into the world you're about to discover. While we visited Square Enix in Tokyo, we asked the team to share with us some Final Fantasy XV concept art and discuss the creative process behind each piece. The art they shared offers new insight into Final Fantasy XV's creation.

Note: Click on image for full size 

This art team created this building to represent Altissia and its various functions. As you'll notice, the dock, poles, store, and sign all say something about the city. For instance, the dock is there because the city is surrounded by water, and the shop is representative of the many cafe and marketplaces around the city that's inspired by Venice, Italy. Artist Takashi Honjo tells us, "This building was also created in such a way so that it can be placed on land or on the waterfront."

The exterior setting of Noctis' homeland of Insomnia is a place where there are no human advancements. The car designs reflect this, looking significantly more traditional than modern. "Don’t you find the juxtaposition with the “sleekly refined design of the Regalia” interesting as well?," asks artist Kouta Niihara.

This is wire art that hangs in Altissia plaza. Altissia has a rich history, but the city is also modern. "To symbolize that sense of a modern setting, we decided to place a wire art artifact for the public eye," says artist Mizushi Sugawara. As you can tell, it makes a grand statement for an artifact. 

Every game needs an epic scene for battle, and this concept art doesn't disappoint. This illustration is of the Niflheim troops heading toward Titan. Can you feel the tension? According to artist Kenji Niki, "This single picture captures the overwhelming and heteromorphic presence of Titan, awaiting the onslaught of the Niflheim troops and their cutting-edge weaponry."

The team wanted to create a transcontinental railroad, but had to put some thought into how to make it stand out. Locomotives are a powerful image, but provide their own challenges to recreate. "When you simply recreate them with the same sort of size and volume, they turn out like toys," explains artist Kouta Niihara. "We create a sense of size, scope and power by creating them in the likeness of real-life jumbo jets."

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